Oreck TYPE CC Upright Vacuum Bags for XL7, XL21 - Genuine - 8 Pack - Part # CCPK8DW

Oreck TYPE CC Upright Vacuum Bags for XL7, XL21 - Genuine - 8 Pack - Part # CCPK8DW

Oreck TYPE CC Upright Vacuum Bags for XL7, XL21 - Genuine - 8 Pack - Part # CCPK8DW

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Key Features

This pack features a set of 8 Oreck XL vacuum bags
These bags have an allergen filtration system that eliminates a majority of the impurities in your surroundings
They are compatible with all Oreck XL Upright vacuums and are comparable with part numbers CCPK8 and CCPK8DW
OEM Part Number: CCPK8DW Replaces PK2008, pk20008dw, 59220
Quantity Per Package: 8 oreck type cc CELOC hypo allergenic filter bags ccpk8dw

Product Description

This product is a must-have for people who own any Upright Oreck XL vacuum cleaner. The pack features a set of 8 Oreck XL vacuum cleaners. These bags are specially designed to capture and retain all the dust and impurities in your office or home and uses an allergen filtration system for maximum efficiency. The vacuum bags are designed well, featuring a three layer system for sustained durability, a massive capacity of 630 cubic inches and a Celocreg hypo-allergenic filtering system to capture even microscopic impurities.

Oreck Type CC Vacuum BagsProduct Features- Fits all Oreck XL uprights including models with, or without docking station.- Convenient Sanisealreg on each bag allows the user to completely seal the bag before removing it from the vacuum, keeping the dust inside the bag, instead of back in the air you breathe.- Antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause odors to permeate the bag- 3 Layer, 630 Cubic Inch Capacity with Celocreg Hypo-Allergenic Filtering SystemProduct DescriptionThe Oreck Type CC bags are the newest bags for the Oreck XL uprights. The new bags can be used with the current models that have the docking station (in this system, the bag slides into a plastic bracket first, then is pushed over the dust valve), and the older models that do not have the docking station. The Oreck CC bags also come in two different types. These are the green colored bag which are a much better bag then the blue colored type CC bag. The Green Type CC bags are the better quality Hypo-Allergenic bags, the blue colored ones are NOT Hypo-Allergenic.

Fits Models: XL21 , XL7 Series, Upright 100C, 9100C, 888, 888G, 5000, 5300, 8300G, 9200, 9400, 988, 988G, 9300, 9300G, 9800, 2000, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400, U2420RSQ, 2500, 2600, 2700 and 2800, XL7 Series, XL Platinum & XL Platinum Plus, Black Deluxe Series and Black Ultra Series, Blue Platinum Series, David Oreck Aviator Series and David Oreck Founders Series, Graphite Series, Platinum Pilot Series and Platinum Pilot Plus Series, ProPlus1 Series, Signature and Signature Plus Series, XL Signature Plus II Power Team, Ultra Series, XL Classic Series, XL Deluxe Series, XL Gold Series, XL Outlook Series, XL Platinum Series, XL Silver Series, XL2600HH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2610HH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2700HH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2700RH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2700RHY 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2800H2W 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2800H2B 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2800H2US 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2800HAY 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2400RS 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, U2420RSQ 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2330HS 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2330RS 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, U2330RD 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, U2740RD 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2500RH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2500HH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL2450RH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series, XL3600HH 3000 Upright Series Vacuum, XL3600RH 3000 Upright Series Vacuum, XL3610HH 3000 Upright Series Vacuum, U3700HH 3000 Upright Series Vacuum, U3710HH 3000 Upright Series Vacuum, U3770HH Silver Series Upright Vacuum, U3771HH Silver Series Upright Vacuum, U3720HG 3000 Series Vacuum, U3720HR 3000 Series Vacuum, XL3640HH 3000 Series Vacuum, U3640RH 3000 Series Vacuum, XL3800H2B 3000 Series Vacuum, XL3900H2B 3000 Series Vacuum, XL3910H2B 3000 Series Vacuum, U3980H2B 3000 Series Vacuum, U3990H2B 3000 Series Vacuum, U4080H2B 4000 Series Upright Vacuum, U4080H2R 4000 Series Upright Vacuum, U4080H2Y 4000 Series Upright Vacuum, U4070H2L 4000 Series Upright Vacuum, U4090H2B 4000 Series Upright Vacuum, U4090H2G 4000 Series Upright Vacuum, U4090H2T 4000 Series Upright Vacuum, U4090H2P 4000 Series Upright Vacuum, U4490HH 4000 Series Upright Vacuum, U4120H2B Intellashield Upright Vacuum, U4120H2P Intellashield Upright Vacuum, U4120H2R Intellashield Upright Vacuum, U4150H2R Intellashield Gold Series Vacuum, U4150H2P Intellashield Gold Series, U4151H2G Intellashield Gold Series, U7010ECS Xl Insight Upright.

Additional Information

Weight : 1.0000
Condition : New
UPC : 743841147687

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