AllerAir 5000 MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Supreme Air Purifier

AllerAir 5000 MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Supreme Air Purifier

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These are very specialized units, designed for a segment of our clientele who are severely chemically sensitive, so much so that they might even react to standard air purifiers! Many are unable to tolerate conventional air purifiers, which is why the AllerAir MCS is built to minimize the use of materials that act as potential triggers. These units are powder coated and come with a 2” thick powder coated carbon canister, metal encased HEPA filter, inert felt gaskets, organic cotton pre-filters, shielded power cables, non-antimicrobial wraps, “burnt-in” motors. Before manufacturing this custom unit the user is required to purchase a carbon test-kit so that they can sample and select a blend of carbon least likely to trigger a reaction. The price of this kit is refundable upon purchase. We are the only manufacturer that goes the distance for MCS suffers, many of who have nowhere else to turn. This unit can provide relief where others manufacturers will fail. This unit features organic cotton pre-filters, nylon wheels, a burnt-in motor, as well as a choice between carbon blends to provide the most chemically inert air purifier possible. We offer our MCS patients a completely refundable carbon test kit so that you can be sure that the activated carbon blend you get will not cause any adverse reactions. UV is an excellent option for users who are concerned about mold, bacteria and viruses. We use only non-ozone producing germicidal UV bulbs. The UV light shines at a frequency and energy that breaks organic molecular bonds. As microorganisms pass by the UV rays this bond breakage translates into cellular or genetic damage – preventing replication for microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. Bacteria and viruses are only dangerous to us if they replicate. Preventing them from doing so, as UV does, helps sterilize the air.

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