Airfree P3000 Air Sterilizer

    Airfree P3000 Air Sterilizer
    Airfree P3000 Air Sterilizer

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    Airfree is the right solution for allergy and asthma suffers. It is also highly indicated for mold problems.

    This is the air purifier which uses heated air to destroy airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and pollens. Unlike commonly available ionic units, it does not produce harmfully elevated ozone levels; it also reduces existing indoor ozone, which the America Lung Association indicates can be a serious respiratory irritant and asthma trigger. With no filters to replace or clean, the compact cleaner pulls air into the internal chamber which is heated to 392F to silently destroy airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, pollen and common household dust mites in a room up to 450 sq. ft. and 550 sq. ft.. Despite its high internal heat level, the purifier will not change the room temperature. For the highest level of air purification, it is recommended for use 24-hours a day, every day, yet it draws less power than a 60-watt light bulb. A soothing adjustable night light is built in. 10 1/2" H x 8 1/2" Diam. (2 1/2 lbs.)

    Independent Tests

    Airfree is the only air purifier manufacturer that publishes full tests clearly indicating its efficiency in tested rooms. Guaranteed airborne microorganism reduction with Airfree as seen in the tests section (link)

    Customers should ask each air purifier manufacturer for efficiency independent tests (full tests like Airfree has, showing equipment testing procedures, room size, and effective results in the room, not projections). Customers have the right to know average airborne microorganism and mold reduction after an air purifier is placed in the room

      Ozone Free

    According to the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) Ozone generators and ionizers currently in the market generate ozone by design or as a byproduct. Since exposure to ozone above certain concentration can be injurious to health, please read carefully what FDA has to say. Please visit their web site:

    Some texts:

    “ Ozone is a toxic gas with no known useful medical application in  specific, adjunctive, or preventive therapy. In order for ozone to be  effective as a germicide, it must be present in a concentration far  greater than that which can be safely tolerated by man and animals.”

    “Although undesirable physiological effects on the central nervous system, heart, and vision have been reported, the predominant physiological effect of ozone is primary irritation of the mucous membranes. Inhalation of ozone can cause sufficient irritation to the lungs to result in pulmonary edema. The onset of pulmonary edema is usually delayed for some hours after exposure; thus, symptomatic response is not a reliable warning of exposure to toxic concentrations of ozone. Since olfactory fatigue develops readily, the odor of ozone is not a reliable index of atmospheric ozone concentration.”

    Can one family be safe at home with an ozone generator?

    Airfree reduces 26% of Ozone instead.

    Airfree is the only air purifier offering Ozone reduction.

    Ozone destroys lung tissue, triggers asthma and other respiratory diseases. Customers should check EPA and FDA for additional articles and warnings about air purifiers that generate ozone.

    Customers must make sure that the air purifier they select does not generate ozone (directly or as a byproduct). Independent ozone tests should be requested from all manufacturers.

    Place Airfree on the floor and plug it in to nearest electric outlet.

      Totally Silent

    Some air purifiers, like Hepa filters, must operate fans at high speed to reach their highest purification level. Customers must make sure they can sleep with such noise.

    Airfree is totally silent.

      Clean and environmental friendly tecnology

    Airfree offers exceptional performance and it is harmless to the environment.

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