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    Airpura R600  All Purpose HEPA Air Purifier
    Airpura R600 All Purpose HEPA Air Purifier
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    The R600's powerful combination of a 18lb Carbon Bed and True HEPA cleans your indoor air and helps protect you and your family from the health hazards of living in polluted indoor air.
    • Air Flow 560 cfm
    • 18 lbs activated carbon 13" x 13" x 9"
    • 40 sq ft true HEPA (Measured 1 side only) 10 pleats per inch, Pleats warm rolled with separators
    • Motor out of the air flow. Most air purifiers blow the clean air over the motor and pick up fresh impurities
    • Variable speed motor lets you choose your ideal level of filtration
    • All metal housing ensures no plastic vapors are emitted
    • Felt gaskets seal the filter chamber. Maximize filtration with no rubber off-gassing found with other filters
    • Unimpeded airflow simple and direct internal airflow avoids the air turbulence, inefficiency and noise associated with more convoluted systems
    • Pressure seal - Airpura's unique pressure seal on the filter chamber ensures that all of the dirty air passes through the filters. Other systems allow leakage and do not achieve the 99.97% HEPA filtration rating
    • Perforated steel exterior offers both a softer appearance and 360 degree air intake and distribution.
    • Separate electrical parts chamber prevents any off gassing from capacitors, condensers or switches.
    • Backward curved motorized impeller eliminates the vibrations and noise associated with older motor and shaft set ups
    • Separately changeable filters The Hepa and carbon filters can be changed separately so you only change them when appropriate and save operating costs
    • Unit Size 23" x 15"
    • Sound level: 28.1 db on low (at 6 feet) 62.3 db on high (560 cfm) (Room Level 25.1)
    • The Airpura Limited Warranty: 5 years parts 10 years labor
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