Vacuum Cleaner Belts

    Did you know that proper maintenance can extend the life of your vacuum cleaner? One of the most basic maintenance items is belt maintenance. It is crucial part in your cleaning system that connects your motor to the brush roll. To check this, you need to remove the bottom plate and place a finger under the best to feel if it is taut. If you find that it’s not, and it is showing signs of wear, it is time to replace it. While it is recommended you change vacuum belts once or twice a year, the frequency will actually depend on how often you use your vacuum cleaner. Frequent use makes it prone to cracks, sagging and other forms of damage. The motor is unable to turn a belt that does not have good traction on the brush roll. As a result, your vacuum does not clean up to its potential.

    Looking for belts for your vacuum cleaning system? At GoVacuum, we recommend customers reduce the risk for vacuum repairs in the long-term by regularly checking the internal parts including belt, bag and hose regularly. While our advice represents general care and maintenance, we also stock a wide range of vacuum cleaner accessories including belts for a wide range of cleaners and ensure that your vacuum cleaner performs according to your needs!

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    1. AirVac  VM178 Belt

      AirVac VM178 Belt

      This belt is used in all AirVac Models. Learn More
    2. AirVac  CT18DXQD Belt

      AirVac CT18DXQD Belt

      This AirVac CT18DXQD Belt fits in AirVac model CT18DXQD and CT18DXQS. The CT18DXQD and CT18DXQS are manufactured by Centec Systems and have the belt number listed in the manual as EB28010 or 40966. The number 20-5201 can usually be found on the belt. Learn More
    3. AirVac  5285 Belt

      AirVac 5285 Belt

      This is a replacement belt designed to fit the AirVac Part# 5285 belt. The AirVac 5285 fits select AirVac power nozzle models. Replace this belt every 12 months to ensure optimum performance. Learn More
    4. Carpet Pro / Fuller Brush Vacuum Cleaner Belt

      Carpet Pro / Fuller Brush Vacuum Cleaner Belt

      Vacuum cleaner belt fits all Carpet Pro and Fuller Brush upright vacuum cleaners that have a plastic handle. Also known as part CP1000. Genuine Carpet Pro / Fuller Brush vacuum part. Learn More

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