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    Vacuum Cleaner Belts

    Did you know that proper maintenance can extend the life of your vacuum cleaner? One of the most basic maintenance items is belt maintenance. It is crucial part in your cleaning system that connects your motor to the brush roll. To check this, you need to remove the bottom plate and place a finger under the best to feel if it is taut. If you find that it’s not, and it is showing signs of wear, it is time to replace it. While it is recommended you change vacuum belts once or twice a year, the frequency will actually depend on how often you use your vacuum cleaner. Frequent use makes it prone to cracks, sagging and other forms of damage. The motor is unable to turn a belt that does not have good traction on the brush roll. As a result, your vacuum does not clean up to its potential.

    Looking for belts for your vacuum cleaning system? At GoVacuum, we recommend customers reduce the risk for vacuum repairs in the long-term by regularly checking the internal parts including belt, bag and hose regularly. While our advice represents general care and maintenance, we also stock a wide range of vacuum cleaner accessories including belts for a wide range of cleaners and ensure that your vacuum cleaner performs according to your needs!

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    1. AirVac  VM178 Belt

      AirVac VM178 Belt

      This belt is used in all AirVac Models. Learn More
    2. AirVac  CT18DXQD Belt

      AirVac CT18DXQD Belt

      This AirVac CT18DXQD Belt fits in AirVac model CT18DXQD and CT18DXQS. The CT18DXQD and CT18DXQS are manufactured by Centec Systems and have the belt number listed in the manual as EB28010 or 40966. The number 20-5201 can usually be found on the belt. Learn More
    3. AirVac  5285 Belt

      AirVac 5285 Belt

      This is a replacement belt designed to fit the AirVac Part# 5285 belt. The AirVac 5285 fits select AirVac power nozzle models. Replace this belt every 12 months to ensure optimum performance. Learn More
    4. Devil 3-210395-001 Style 3 Canister Belts- 2 pack

      Devil 3-210395-001 Style 3 Canister Belts- 2 pack

      fits models: M02003, M02050CA, M02053CA, M03004, M03013, M082023, M082120, M082123, M083123C Learn More
    5. Flat Agitators Drive Belt  # 40201170

      Flat Agitators Drive Belt # 40201170

      Flat Agitators Drive Belt # 40201170 Learn More
    6. GE- Walmart Upright Vacuum Cleaner Belt

      GE- Walmart Upright Vacuum Cleaner Belt

      GE Walmart Upright Vacuums take Eureka U Belt. Pack of 2 Learn More
    7. Power Nozzle Belt  # 40201180

      Power Nozzle Belt # 40201180

      Power Nozzle Belt # 40201180. Pack of 2 belts Learn More
    8. Single Belt Part # 07527-0027

      Single Belt Part # 07527-0027

      For optimum performance, change your belt at least every 12 months. Learn More
    9. V - Belt  # 40101200

      V - Belt # 40101200

      Your vacuum cleaning system can last a few months to a few years depending upon how you take care of it. Maintaining it by replacing essential parts such as belts and bags on time can increase its performance and dependability. If you notice that your vacuum cleaner is not taking in all the dirt around, it’s most likely because your belt is broken or worn out. Housed near the motor in most cleaning systems, they are likely to be stretched due to overuse or broken due to the heat of the motor. This Panasonic V - Belt # 40101200 is a compatible part for your Panasonic vacuum cleaning system. This replacement vacuum belt will have your Panasonic appliance working like brand new. The Internet is a great way to find vacuum cleaner belts, you will be able to source both brand name and generic brands without too much hassle here. is a leading resource for vacuum cleaning systems and replacement parts. When you need to replace your vacuum cleaning belt, it’s vital to ensure that you are buying the correct replacement belt for your machine. Read the GoVacuum blog and find out more about the best times to replace the vacuum cleaner belt. They typically show signs of wear after six months of use. It’s a good idea to replace the belt twice a year or if you are using your vacuum cleaning system more frequently, or notice clear signs of wear before six months, you can replace it in less than six months as well. Product Features: • Panasonic V - Belt # 40101200 Learn More
    10. Generic PowerMate 20-5218 Serpentine Drive Belt for Generic Power Nozzles

      Generic PowerMate 20-5218 Serpentine Drive Belt for Generic Power Nozzles

      1 Serpentine Drive belt for Panasonic and Kenmore canister vacuum cleaners, mostly newer models that use the Quiet Drive power mates. The belt has grooves on the inside of the belt, and is flat on the outside. Measures approximately 3-3/8 inches. It has the writings 5PH282on it. Fits Kenmore canister models; Fits the Kenmore 116.27514 or 27514 or 116.27514700 or 116.27514701 Fits Panasonic models; MC-CG885,MC-CG887. Panasonic Part Numbers CB-3, MC-V370B, PH5, 5201. Kenmore Part Numbers 5218, 20-5218, and others. Panasonic is the maker of some Kenmore vacuums, and many parts such as this belt are interchangable between the two brands. Learn More

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