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    Blueair Air Purifiers: Focus on Quality and Energy Efficiency
    Pollen, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, dust and other airborne pollutants – are these the main reasons you don’t breathe easy when at home? You need an air purifier from Blueair to improve indoor air quality and also ensure that the indoor air contaminants are kept out of your home. Buy your Blueair HEPA Silent air purifier from and your order ships free. Yes, you heard it right. Not just free shipping, we also offer a 60-day in-home trial on all of our products. Certified best in class performance, you can choose from a range of Sense and 200, 400, 500, 600 series and more. We also have a Blueair Owner''s Manual, which you will be handy for you to take a look at the parts diagrams and understand the functionalities better.

    Buy Air Purifier Online: Keeping Your Home Smelling Fresh and Clean
    What do you want to achieve with the purchase of an air purifier? Do you want to tackle the unpleasant odor from your pets or kitchen? Or, do you want to ensure that your home is germ free? Today, there are a number of air purifiers which address these unique needs with features such as hour time, electronic controls, speed settings, and sleek designs. When you buy an air purifier you need to consider area coverage, filter type and noise.

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    1. Blueair 201SF Replacement VOC Smokestop Filter for 200/300 Series Units

      Blueair 201SF Replacement VOC Smokestop Filter for 200/300 Series Units

      Blueair VOC Smokestop replacement filter for Blueair 200 series units. Learn More

    Results 1 - 1 of 1