GoVacuum.com is invading Canada! Invading homes throughout all Providence's with our legendary customer service and our amazing products! Not only that, but we're making it trouble free for you!

    How many times have you avoided ordering from an American company because of the surprise charges? With GoVacuum.com you don't have any surprises! That's because we collect the taxes and we pay the postal and/or brokerage fee!

    We've overworked our accountants to make your shopping experience with us easy! At checkout we collect the Goods And Services Tax (GST), the Canadian Provincial Sales Tax (PST) (or Quebec Sales Tax (QST)), and if you have a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) we'll even collect that! You simply place your order and let our accountants take care of the taxes!

    Oh, and that Canada Post fee and/or brokerage fee, the delivery man ask for, we pay that!

    We'll even upgrade your orders over $100 to expedited shipping at no extra charge! Should you have a question and need to call us, please do, it's even a toll-free phone call. Our friendly South Canadian (American) operator's can answer any and all of your questions.

    We do all this because we want you, our Canadian friends up north to have the greatest online shopping experience you've ever had!

    Below is our unbeatable duty and fee free shipping rates:


    Order Value

    Canada Ground

    Canada Expedited













    $1000 up