Fakir Flight Air Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner Model S200T
    Fakir Flight Air Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner Model S200T

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    Product Description
    The Fakir commerical canisters are known throughout Europe for their superior performance, reliability, and durability. Most commerical vacuum cleaners only come with a 90 day warranty on them, but Fakir commerical vacuum cleaners come with an extraordinary 2 Years Parts and Labor warranty, even for commerical use! German made vacuum cleaners will out clean, out perform, and out last most other vacuum cleaners. Their attention to details will leave you extremely impressed with entire Fakir line of vacuums.

    1400W German Made Motor, with variable speed control
    The Fakir Flight Air Commercial Canister Vacuum model S200 comes with a very powerful, 1400W German made motor. The ultra quiet design of this motor allows the vacuum to be used even in occupied office buildings, or even library's. The 67 decibel motor is one of the quietest motors on the market. The motor has a convenient variable speed motor control, which allows you to choose the exact suction power you need for any type of cleaning. The lowest suction setting, 250W is ideal for delicate jobs such as draperies. The 550W setting is ideal for cleaning delicate oriental rugs, area rugs, or thick piled carpeting, the higher setting, 1100W is designed for low pile carpets, and the highest setting, 1400W is used for bare surface flooring.

    Four Convenient On-Board Attachments Included
    The Fakir commercial canister vacuum cleaners come packaged with 4 convenient covered on-board attachments. These attachments are; 8" Crack and Crevice tool, an Upholstery Tool that inclues a furniture brush, a good quality dusting brush, as well as a Radiator, or stiff bristle brush. The dusting brush is handy because the brush actually swivels, allowing you adjust the angle of the brush for cleaning different applications. The radiator, or stiff bristle brush is ideal for cleaning radiators, or stubborn, ground-in dirt. You may access the tools by pressing the tool lid release button only, preventing any attachments from falling out of the vacuum cleaner while you're vacuuming.

    Air Driven Turbo Brush For Cleaning Carpets and Rugs
    The Fakir Flight Commercial Vacuum model S200T comes packaged with a Full size air driven turbo brush. This turbo brush is very similar to a power head, but it's driven by the vacuums suction, not electricity. The German made, German engineered turbo brush is ideal for cleaning low or medium pile carpeting, as well as area rugs. With the ability to adjust the suction level on the Fakir, you can easily slow the brushes down when cleaning delicate oriental rugs, to prevent any damage to the rug.

    Fakir Handheld Turbo Brush
    The Fakir S200T Commercial Vacuum also includes a smaller, handheld version of the air driven turbo brush as well. This smaller, compact attachment is ideal for cleaning stairs, upholstery, or even your car. Also with the ability to lower the suction, you are also able to lower the brush speed when descreasing the suction, allowing to vacuum even the most delicate of furniture. This turbo brush eats pet hair for breakfast, and will do a great job in picking up pet hair on the stairs.

    Fakir Combination Tool, Cleans All Floor Surfaces
    The Fakir Combination tool that is included with this model is a very convenient, multi-pupose floor tool. The attachment can either be used for cleaning carpeting and rugs, and can be used for cleaning all bare surface floors as well. The attachment has a nylon brush that extends out of the tool for use on bare surface floors. Simply step on the rug/floor switch on top of the attachment to extend the brushes for bare floors, and retract the brushes back into the head of the tool for carpeting, or vacuuming rugs. The floor tool also comes with a large rubber wheel in the middle of it to help stabalize the tool while vacuuming, and to prevent any scratching of bare surfaces floors.

    360 Degree Swivel Crush-proof suction hose
    The Fakir Commercial Canisters have a full 360 degree swivel hose on both the end that goes into the canister, and as well as the tool end of the hose. This 360 degree swivel feature adds extra manuverability to the hose, and prevents the hose from getting twisted. Most canister vacuum cleaners on the market use what's called a wire reinforced hose. Throughout the hose is a stiff, un-bendable wire that reinforces the hose's shape. The problem with these hoses are that if they are stepped on, or crushed, the wire inside of the hose will bend, leading to the hose loosing suction power, and ultimately damaging the motor due to lack of airflow. Fakir however uses what's referred to as a "crush-proof" hose. The crush proof hose is much stronger, lighter weight, and much more durable then wire reinforced hoses. These hoses can be tied in a knot, stepped on, twisted, even run over by a car, and the hose will always come back to it's orignial shape.

    Soft Rubber Wheels Prevent Scratching Bare Surface Floors
    The soft rubber, non-marring rubber wheels on Fakir canisters prevent the wheels from scratching delicate bare surface floors, such as wood flooring, or marble floors. Some canister vacuum cleaners have hard plastic wheels, which can scratch and gouge floors when they are rolled over them. The two large wheels in the back of the canister support the vacuum, and the small spinner wheel in the front helps with the manuveraiblity of the vacuum cleaner when moving from side to side.

    Additional Features Include
    - Chrome telescopic wand with parking clip
    - An Electronic filter exchange indicator lets you know when filters need changing
    - 30 Foot Total Cleaning Radius, with retractable cord
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