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    Did you know that filters that are clogged may severely impact your vacuum cleaner’s performance? They help maintain strong suction and also help pick up dirt effectively. It is important to replace your filter every six to 12 months depending on the brand and you cleaning frequency. The various types of filters include exhaust filters, air inlet filters, motor filters and HEPA filters. You need to follow the recommendations for filter replacement based on the cleaning system brand. HEPA filters are the best option for allergy sufferers because they are designed to remove fine particles from the air including mold spores, smoke, dust and mites. It is recommended that you change the filter of your cleaning system outside your home to prevent re-release of spores and dust to the air in your home. Known to filter up to 99.97% of dust particles, HEPA filters can cut down the amount of dust you inhale drastically. Keeping your vacuum cleaner free from blockages and obstructions by replacing its filters regularly not only ensure a top performing vacuuming cleaning system but also reduced incidence of allergies. It is recommended that you replace damaged vacuum cleaner components, including bags or filters at the earliest.

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    1. Riccar HEPA & Secondary Filter Set for Moonlight & Pizzazz Canisters

      Riccar HEPA & Secondary Filter Set for Moonlight & Pizzazz Canisters

      Riccar filter kit RF13 fits the Moonlight & Pizzazz canister vacuum cleaners. Learn More
    2. Riccar RF8900P-1, Simplicity 7700 Vacuum Cleaner Filter, RSR-1801

      Riccar RF8900P-1, Simplicity 7700 Vacuum Cleaner Filter, RSR-1801

      Works With: Riccar RF8900P-1 Riccar 8900 Series Riccar 836301002395 Riccar 239 Riccar RSR-1801 Description:Riccar RF8900P-1, 8900 Series Simplicity 7700 Thru 7950 Series Upright Vacuum Cleaner Filter This is a generic filter made by Enviro-Care 836301002395 239 RSR-1801 Learn More

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