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    Roomba 500 Series HEPA Filter With Opti-Filt Technology
    Roomba 500 Series HEPA Filter With Opti-Filt Technology
    Item Code:5020-1001

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    Roomba 500 Series HEPA Filter With Opti-Filt Technology, Robot Add On's Part Number # 5020-1001

    Product Features

    World's first HEPA type filter for Roomba!
    • Two stage Max-Flo TM filtration system extends filter life!
    • Traps 99.97% of micro-organisms!
    • 3 filters per package for long term purification air in your home!
    • Innovative Patent Pending design!

    Product Dimensions
    Weight: 2.3 oz.
    Length: 8.25 in.
    Width: 5 in.
    Depth: 1.63 in.

    Product Description

    What do Bugs, mites, spores, dead skin, and dander have in common….they are all in your home! Using a traditional filter in your Roomba® robotic floor vacuum expels all these creatures back in the same air you and your family breathe. Robot Add-Ons™ is proud to announce the world’s first HEPA type filter for Roomba® 500 Series robots! Our two stage HEPA type filter material traps 99.97% of everything it gets a hold of along with smog, carcinogens, and viruses. Combined with its environmentally friendly construction and Opti-filt™ filtration system, our long lasting HEPA type filter will help purify the air in your home for a cleaner, safer living environment.

    Works with all Roomba® 500 series robots. Product is made by Robot Add On's, not iRobot.

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