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    Vacuum Filters

    Who does not love a clean house free from grime and dust? Vacuum cleaner filters are the essential parts of the vacuum cleaner that keep the dirt sucked up by the cleaner in the machine. It helps kill the germs and contaminants that are trapped within. They are positioned such that they can trap the dust mites and pollutants before it reaches the motor and the exhaust. There are various kinds of filters available including the ultra fine air filter and some vacuum cleaning systems even use water as a filter. Water filtration helps trap wet dust that is not airborne. Having a fully functional vacuum filter is critical to maintain the suction and dirt handling ability of the vacuum cleaner. You are not just saving yourself from the harmful effects of these dust particles but also saving the critical parts of the vacuum cleaning system from failure. We recommend you change vacuum filters regularly, once in six months atleast.

    Want to find a filter for your vacuum cleaning system? At GoVacuum, we have a full range of filters including motor filters and HEPA filters. The vacuum cleaner is a formidable cleaning tool today and the combination of its cleaning capacity and ease of use are major factors that influence the buying decision. We seek to provide all the information about vacuum cleaning systems and various replacement parts including vacuum filters which you can use to extend the life of your vacuum cleaner for several years.

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    1. Dust Tamer/DirtTamer Replacement HEPA Filter (H-100)

      Dust Tamer/DirtTamer Replacement HEPA Filter (H-100)

      This certfied HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust, pollen, bacteria and other allergens down to 0.3 microns in size.Filter lasts up to 1 year with regular household use. # For use with the DustTamer Ultra, DirtTamer Deluxe, and the DirtTamer Ultima. Learn More

    Results 1 - 1 of 1