Win A Robotic Roomba 560 Vacuum For The Holidays!

    Ahhh, the holidays a time that brings families together… entire… extended families.

    There are few certainties during this holiday season. It will be stressful; cousin Mike will bring all seven of his juvenile kids whom will use your wall as their crayon canvas, brother in-law James will drink eggnog like it's water and be overbearingly obnoxious and aunt Terri will tell your children stories about your childhood that you never wanted them to hear.

    Yes, you may be sitting at the dinner table questioning how you share the same DNA of certain relatives, all while thinking of an excuse not to invite them next year. Yet, this is it, all the weeks of planning, cooking and cleaning are all about this moment… carpe diem!

    While this grand feast may be a bit much to handle, it wont be the tiring part. Booking of the flights, trains and making sure your home is clean enough for Crayola artwork will be the exhausting part… or will it?

    Picture it! December 1st, 2011, you get an email from a friendly GoVacuum team member who informs you, you are the grand prizewinner of our holiday contest!

    A few days later a Roomba 560 robotic vacuum cleaner shows up to your house. You watch this automatic robotic vacuum dance around and clean your home for the next few weeks and before you know it, the holidays are over… uneventful!

    No, we can't promise you the holidays will come and go uneventful, but then again… you never know!

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    Here's how…

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    Now for the legal jargon… Ahem… Ahem… In our best deep lawyer sounding voice…

    No purchase necessary, contest open to residents 18 years and older of all 50 U.S. States, Washington D.C. and Canada, except Quebec Province, and where prohibited by law, unless otherwise noted. Contest starts Tuesday August 30th and will end December 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm EST. Contest winner will be selected at 12:01 pm EST on December 1st. By signing up for our newsletter or becoming a Facebook fan you are opting in to receive our newsletter and becoming a Facebook fan.

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