GoVacuums Total Housecleaning Solution

    Most modern homes are bigger and more complex than their 50s counterparts, yet that's when most cleaning appliances were originally designed. And most haven't changed since then, even though our needs have. While thinking about the modern home cleaning problem, GoVacuum came up with the Total Housecleaning Solution. This kit was created to ensure the ultimate in cleanliness for the modern American home. It includes one (1) full-size vacuum cleaner, one (1) compact vacuum cleaner, one (1) multi-floor cleaning machine, and one (1) air cleaner.

    The full-size vacuum cleaner's uses are obvious. You need one "power machine" to get the most work done in the most efficient way possible. Run the full-size upright over all your carpets and rugs; with the proper machine, this will get the majority of the dirt out of your carpets, without polluting your air. Use the compact vacuum for spot cleaning, and hard-to-reach areas (drapes, behind couches, around potted houseplants, shelves, etc.); it's also great for stairs, pet beds and your car! The multi-floor cleaning machine is for cleaning your hard floors AND for shampooing your carpets. Renting a carpet shampooer once a year just doesn't cut it anymore; usually the dirt is too ground in by then and your carpets are beyond repair. With this kind of machine, you can get your hard floors gleaming and keep your carpets as fresh as new. And finally, the air cleaner; what good is a clean home if you can't live in it comfortably? Air cleaners aren't just for people with allergies anymore. With indoor air pollution on the rise, we're finding that air cleaners are making a noticable difference in everyone's lives. Enjoy breathing again!

    With all these needs in mind, GoVacuum chose its favorites for each category of machine. The full-size vacuum, compact vacuum, multi-floor machine, and air cleaner listed below are the ones that we've found to be the best quality, and most efficient. They're not even our most expensive machines -- just the ones that we've found work best for each need. Even if you've already got one machine (e.g., a full-size upright), check out our other selections for ideas on what would best suit your current needs.

    If you're in the market for all four machines, though, you're in luck. Buy a Total Housecleaning Solution from GoVacuum today, and you can save over $100 on your total cost! Check out our two package options below:

    Deluxe Package

    Value Package

    For when you're ready to really invest in the maintenance of your home and your quality of life. A great value-priced option, for when you want to get the job done right but without having to spend too much.
    Full-size upright: SEBO X5 9587AM Automatic Upright, $749
    Compact vacuum: Sanitaire SC3683A 10 Amp Commercial Canister, $108.50
    Multi-floor machine: Koblenz P-2600 Commercial Floor Cleaner and Carpet Shampooer/Polisher, $199.95
    Air Cleaner: IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier, $795
    Full-size upright: Fuller Brush FBHD1 Heavy Duty Upright, $249.99
    Compact vacuum: Tiny Tank SCC-1 Canister, $59.95
    Multi-floor machine: Koblenz P-820 Shampooer/Polisher with Tank, $179.95
    Air Cleaner: Airfree Platinum P2000 Air Sterilizer, $239
    $1700 (a $1852.45 value) $656 (a $728.89 value)
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