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    Hoover (43434031)  Stretch Hose
    Hoover (43434031) Stretch Hose
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    Hoover Windtunnel Upright Stretch Hose part number # 43434031 is a standard length extension hose with 1 1/2"" diameter end which hold it in the vacuum. Also same as part number # 43434073.

    For use with Hoover Windtunnel Savvy, Supreme, FoldAway, Empower and other uprights including: U5262900, U5445900, U5423900, U6425900, U6425920, U6425950, U6429900, U64019RM, U6423900, U6430900, U6431900, U6434900, U6435900, U6436900, U6437900, U6432900, U6433900, U6439900, U6441900, U6445920, U6446900, U6441940, U6445900, U6449900, U6450900, U6455900, U6455960, U6451900, U6451960, U6458900, U6459900, U6460900, U6471900, U6473900, U6474900, U6470900, U6470910 and U6476900.

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