How Space Bags Save Money?

    No More Ruined Clothing and Bedding

    Space Bag locks out water, moisture, insects and dirt, and retards damage from oxidation and ultraviolet light. Protect your investment-season after season-because Space Bag storage packs are reusable.

    No Expensive Dry Cleaning

    When you unpack your garments and bedding from Space Bag, they come out as fresh as the day you put them in. No dry cleaning needed before you can use them again.

    Replace Traditional Storage Containers

    Plastic bins cost $10 or more and take up more room than the items you're storing. Plus, you can't see what's inside. They're not airtight and won't protect from water and mildew damage. Vinyl bags, wooden chests and portable closets cost more than Space Bag but hold less.

    Eliminate Costly Storage Facilities

    Space Bag lets you store three times more, and you can store it in places you couldn't use before--garage, attic, basement. No more monthly fees for "public storage" facilities.

    Protect Valuable Documents, Collectibles and Heirlooms

    Space Bag's airtight, watertight construction makes it ideal for storing business and tax records, collectibles (like comic books) and textiles (like quilts).

    No Expensive Closet Organizers

    Why pay hundreds -- even thousands -- of dollars for closet organizers that don't store as much as the Space Bag home storage system?

    Store Your Wool

    At last, knitters have the perfect place to store their skeins. Space Bag keeps them safe from moths, moisture and dirt. Plus, they take up less room and you can see what's inside!

    Good News for Boaters and RV'ers

    Maximize your limited on-board storage and protect bedding and clothing between trips. Boaters now have a way to keep corrosive sea air from ruining equipment and life preservers.

    Cut Moving Expenses

    Space Bag storage packs can protect your valuable belongings from damage and dirt during a move and can significantly reduce the volume of items you have to move. You can save space in a moving van or simply reduce the number of trips.

    Bring Home More Bargains

    Travel Space Bag comes in two sizes -- Suitcase and Carry-on, and you don't need a vacuum cleaner to use it. Simply pack, roll it up (squeezing out the air through a special one-way valve), then stash it flat or rolled in your bag. You'll pack much more in your travel bags and save enough room for some extra shopping.

    Pack More and Keep It Dry

    Bikers, fishermen, boaters, backpackers, golfers, hunters, campers-Sport Space Bag is watertight and airtight. You can carry more, segregate wet and dirty clothes and keep your dry stuff-dry!

    Take Your Rain Gear and Sweater

    They'll take up less room when you pack them in Sport Space Bag or Travel Space Bag, so you can throw them in your golf bag, day pack or briefcase.