• Kenmore ZVac 5068, 50688 Vacuum Bags
    • Kenmore ZVac 5068, 50688 Vacuum Bags
    Kenmore ZVac 5068, 50688 Vacuum Bags (15 pack)

    Item Code: Zvac50688

    Brand: Kenmore

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    Why do you paying top dollar for brand name replacement bags for your Kenmore
    or Sanyo vacuum? Are you worried about filtration performance? Afraid your
    vacuum won't run as well? Concerned about the environmental impact of off-brand
    bags? Whatever is making you continue to spend too much to keep your vacuum
    maintained, our ZVac Kenmore 5068, 50688 upright vacuum bags are perfect for
    helping you finally make the switch.

    Our generic Kenmore 5068, 50688 upright vacuum bags are made from a very
    durable type of cloth-like fabric. The breathable material eliminates up to 99
    percent of allergens and other fine particulates and causes no change in the suction
    strength or overall performance of a vacuum. The bags are easy to install and are
    made from low-impact, eco-friendly materials. As a result, our Kenmore 5068,
    50688 replacement bags are biodegradable.

    If you're concerned about the health of our planet, you can feel good choosing ZVac
    Kenmore 5068, 50688 upright vacuum bags. We design our generic vacuum bags to
    be as sustainable as possible, and for every 500 that we sell, we pay for one tree to
    be planted in the highly deforested Amazon rainforest.

    Our Kenmore ZVac 5068, 50688 upright vacuum bags are designed to easily install
    in many different Sanyo, Kenmore and LG upright vacuums, including the follow

    Sanyo TVU55 SC-A Series
    Sanyo SC-A4
    Sanyo SC-A5
    Sanyo SC-A6
    Sanyo SC-A7
    Sanyo SC-A8
    Sanyo SC-A41
    Sanyo SC-A42
    Sanyo SC-A71
    Sanyo SC-A72
    Sanyo SC-U8
    Sanyo SC-U9
    Sanyo SC-U11
    Sanyo Performax
    Sanyo Vaclensa
    Sanyo SC54A
    Sanyo SCA4
    Sanyo SCA41
    Sanyo SCA42
    Sanyo SCA4A

    Sanyo SCA4AL
    Sanyo SCA51
    Sanyo SCA5A
    Sanyo SCA6A
    Sanyo SCA6AN
    Sanyo SCA71
    Sanyo SCA7A
    Sanyo SCA7AN
    Sanyo SCA7AX
    Sanyo SCA8
    Sanyo SCU8
    Sanyo SCU9
    Sanyo SCU10MA
    Sanyo SCU11
    Sanyo SCU11MA
    Sanyo SCU11WA
    Sanyo SCU8WA
    Kenmore 20-5068
    Kenmore 20-50681
    Kenmore 20-50688
    Kenmore 20-50690
    LG Slimax Series VU5545-65
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