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    Koblenz Dry Foam Rug Shampoo 32 oz
    Koblenz Dry Foam Rug Shampoo 32 oz
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    The Koblenz Rug Shampoo is specially developed for use with buffer. Its exclusive leaves your carpet fibers clean and soft.

    Instruction for use with the buffer
    1. Remove furniture & vacuum carpet thoroughly.
    2. Fill tank with 1 part shampoo to 12 parts water warm water to top line.  Fill with warm water then add shampoo to avoid foaming in tank.
    3. Use buffer with only the soft white carpet shampoo brushes.
    4. Work areas of 4-5 square feet at a time.
    5. Allow carpet to dry thoroughly, stay off carpet when wet.  Vacuum thoroughly after carpet is dry and before replacing furniture.
    Clean the toughest soil without soaking returns original brightness
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