Lindhaus Diamante 380 Upright Vacuum

Lindhaus Diamante 380 Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

Lindhaus Diamante 380 Upright Vacuum features a 15 inch cleaning width designed to cover more cleaning surface area with each pass. The perfect choice for consumers' with homes that have a lot of square footage and a more wide open floor plan.

Lindhaus offers consumers a variety of filtration options to choose from. The hospital grade filtration system comes standard and is an excellent choice for a well rounded filtering of potential lung damaging particles. Consumers which have severe allergies, asthma, or breathing issues can choose to upgrade to HEPA filtration, which increases the filtering ability of the Lindhaus - capturing 99.97% of very fine particles. Another filtration option is the carbon filter. The Carbon filter plays a significant role in reducing odors and gases, as well as, the filtration of particles - great for pet owners.

The Lindhaus Diamante 380 Upright Vacuum quietly operates at 68.6 decibels and weighing in at a svelte 17 pounds makes the Diamante 380 one of the lightest two motor system vacuums on the market today.

There is an electronic circuit that regulates the start soft motor system, the correct height of the roller brush given the floor or carpet being cleaned, and monitors if a blockage occurs immediately stopping the roller brush motor. These features dramatically prolongs the life of the suction and brush housing motor, making the Lindhaus Diamante 380 Upright Vacuum an investment worth making.

Certainly one of the most versatile upright vacuums on the market today, the Lindhaus Diamante 380 Upright Vacuum was engineered with the ability to clean all grades of carpeting and all types of bare surface flooring. The Diamante 380 doesn't stop at just vacuuming carpets and floors. With the included converter attachment - the Lindhaus Electronic 380 can transform into a dry carpet cleaning system. For an extra charge, consumers can purchase the optional roller cover with felt or / and the optional roller cover with squeegee. The optional roller cover with felt is perfect for the cleaning of hardwood floors and the optional roller cover with squeegee is the perfect choice for all other types of bare surface floor cleaning.

The Lindhaus Diamante 380 Upright Vacuum comes with a full array of on board attachments: a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool along with a telescopic wand and a deluxe stretch hose.

With a flip of a switch, consumers can easily turn the Lindhaus Diamante 380 Upright Vacuum into a more than proficient canister vacuum. This feature allows the user to comfortably leave the upright without having the brushroll over-agitate the area the upright is left at, thus protecting the user's flooring and carpeting while performing all above-the-floor cleaning.

The Lindhaus Diamante 380 Upright Vacuum has a powerful 930 watt suction motor which creates airflow ratings measuring at 102.8 CFM's and with the long 35 foot power cord, can easily deliver this power across multiple rooms without the user having to constantly switch power outlets.

Lindhaus Diamante 380 The Lindhaus Diamante 380 is an upright vacuum cleaner manufactured by Lindhaus Company. This vacuum cleaner has a wide path as its brush width and its base width is a few inches longer than it smaller sister. Lindhaus Diamante cleaner has been designed to multi-function. It can be used for vacuuming, it can be used as an electric broom, and it can be used for above ground cleaning and as a dry cleaner. Lindhaus Diamante vacuum cleaner is priced at approximately $900 Lindhaus Vacuum Cleaner Reviews The features found on the 380 Lindhaus vacuum cleaner include: Two Motors: These two motors are quite powerful and used for deep down cleaning, the motors can work together or separately all depending on the function at hand. If the vacuum is being used for above floor cleaning, the brush motor can be shut off and the suction motor can still be left to run. Lindhaus video reviews place the 380 vacuum cleaner model as very light in weight of around 18 pounds and the vacuum cleaner is upright and has a weight distribution system which makes the handle weight very light. Multi Surface Cleaning: This vacuum cleaner has been designed to handle a number of surfaces. All the user is required to do is easily flip the switch, this makes the operate changer from either vacuuming carpets to above floor cleaning or vacuuming hard surface floors. Moreover, the Lindhaus Diamante vacuum cleaning series can be used for dry cleaning hard floors. Moving from one type of surface floor to the next is quite easy and very fast. Dry Carpet Cleaning: Lindhaus Diamante cleaner comes together with a Dry Cleaning System converter. All the user is required to do is install it within a few seconds and the vacuum cleaner shall be easily converted into a dry cleaning machine for the purposes for rugs and carpets cleaning. To convert from one system to another is quite simple as tools are required. Lindhaus Vacuum Cleaner Accessories The Lindhaus diamante upright vacuum cleaner is based on the on-board style that is not only nice but a very convenient feature. The Lindhaus Diamante vacuum cleaner is fit with the crevice tool, deluxe stretch hose, dusting brush and the telescopic cleaning wand. This particular cleaning machine is distributed with two different roller covers. The felt roller cover has been designed for cleaning and polishing wooden floors and the roller cover with a squeegee has been designed for cleaning hardened floors. According to one Lindhaus diamante 380 reviews, Lindhaus cleaning machine users seem to be fully satisfied with their choice of cleaning machine. The Lindhaus 380 has been fit with hospital quality filtration. The vacuum cleaner’s last stage of filtration system is a 3M Filtrete micro-filter and the cleaning machine possess the ability to upgrade filtration to whatever level the use deems to be fit. There are three filtration features available; the S-class HEPA filter, EM Filtrete and the Charcoal filter that has been fit to purposely absorb bad odors. The HEPA filtration feature has been incorporated to help in minimizing the amount of emissions released from the cleaning machine. This feature was designed to help users with allergies use the machine without any trouble. Lindhaus Diamante 380 Vacuum Cleaner Specs 35 foot cord 930 total wattage power 7.9 Amp usage 70 inch water lift 102.8 CFM A Standard Full Bag Indicator An Electric Motor Protection 4.5 lt. Bag Capacity Standard 3M Filtrete Micro-filter S-Class HEPA Filter Carbon Active Filter Ob Board Tools Standard Hard floor Switch 68-6 db Sound level 150 Brush motor watt power

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