Lindhaus LW30 LindWash Bare Floor Scrubber & Extractor
    Lindhaus LW30 LindWash Bare Floor Scrubber & Extractor

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    Lindhaus LW30 LindWash Bare Floor Scrubber & Extractor features an 11 inch cleaning path and was manufactured to deliver the best bare floor scrubbing performance, durability, and versatility.

    The Lindhaus LW30 LindWash Bare Floor Scrubber & Extractor has a unique 3 in 1 system design which encompasses a powerful 900 watt suction motor producing an airflow rating of 108 CFM. The second aspect of the 3 in 1 system is the brushroll motor which proficiently operates the roller brush to a superb degree of performance and precision while also possessing an intelligent overload protection design. The third aspect is the dispensing pump motor which is brilliantly designed to deliver the perfect amount of water while optimizing the usage of cleaning solution.

    With the LW30's ergonomic upright design, consumers can easily tackle all variations of bare surface floors; from a gritty concrete floor to a smooth tiled floor - the Lindhaus LW30 LindWash Bare Floor Scrubber & Extractor can handle it all. The Lindhaus LW30 is a superior alternative to other bare floor scrubbers which can be quite cumbersome and bulky. With a bantamweight design of 22.5 lbs, this fantastic floor scrubber is highly maneuverable, easy to lift, and extremely easy to transport.

    One of the only bare floor scrubbers and extractors that is environmentally conscious, the Lindhaus LW30 LindWash Bare Floor Scrubber & Extractor is so brilliantly engineered to provide high end cleaning performance while users only having to use a 1% mixed cleaning solution. This reduces cost and with so little solution use, protects the environment.

    The Lindhaus LW30 LindWash Bare Floor Scrubber & Extractor uses 10 times less cleaning solution and water than traditional floor scrubbers and extractors, while maintaining a 14 minute of constant operation time, and an ingenious integrated water and solution tank. The integrated tank system allows users to easily fill with cleaning solution and water while dumping the dirty water. A measuring cup is not needed for measuring the correct amount of cleaning solution, simply use the cap for the integrated tank for a perfect mix every time.

    As mentioned before, versatility embodies what the Lindhaus LW30 LindWash Bare Floor Scrubber & Extractor has to offer. Lindhaus has a wide array of optional attachments available to optimize and customize for the LW30 to meet an individual's cleaning needs. There is an optional washing kit available for consumers to use for cleaning upholstered fabrics. Other optional accessories to consider are the two additional roller brushes that are available. One is the Hi-Flex gentle brushroll that's designed for delicate floors and the second optional brushroll is the Lo-Flex which is more aggressive than the standard roller brush and perfect for cleaning jobs that require a heavy duty type cleaning. The final optional attachment available is the carpet cleaning accessory which transforms this amazing bare floor scrubber and extractor into a professional carpet cleaner.

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