Lindhaus LW38 LindWash Bare Floor Scrubber & Extractor

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    With impressive top-notch technology from the many years of experience in the industry manufacturing professional vacuum systems and carpet cleaners, Lindhaus has created a wonderful machine for washing just about any floor surface in the home. The Lindhaus LindWash pro LW38 comes standard with the qualities and high performance of industrial scrubbers but with the ease and maneuverability of a domestic vacuum, so it is simple to use and quick to clean. The LindWash LW38 Pro scrubber is highly efficient and has been built to withstand the rigors of heavy use on the job-site, in the office, or in the home. Reliable and extremely easy to use, the LindWash requires little instruction for any user to provide professional cleaning results. This Lindhaus cleaning system is practical and eco-friendly for the environmentally conscious consumer.

    The professional LindWash scrubbing brush is designed to clean and protect most hard surfaces. Lindhaus recognizes that not all hard surface floors are the same, and to account for various floor surfaces the scrubbing brush roller comes available with various bristle hardness configurations. A special hi-flex gentle brush is available for delicate surfaces but a more aggressive lo-flex brush for heavy duty cleaning requirements is also available. The 4 non-marking rubber wheels and the brush pressure adjustment, allows for use of this machine on polished as well as uneven floors. With an optional accessory it is possible to quickly use the LindWash for upholstery washing or carpet scrubbing. For upholstery washing, users have to simply remove the suction hose and apply the washing kit for the injection/extraction of fabrics like car interiors, sofas, and chairs. The optional carpet cleaning accessory is also available and with it users can quickly convert the LindWash floor scrubber into a professional carpet scrubber. This cleaning accessory was designed for the maintenance of commercial carpet types, which uses injection, scrubbing, and extraction to lift soils and stains from low nap commercial carpets. The versatility of this upright LindWash continues with a total lightweight design and comfortable handles that make it easy to lift and transport the machine on stairs or to load it into cars.

    The LindWash utilizes three systems in one machine to provide a highly effective professional floor scrubber to domestic consumers. Each system utilizes a custom designed motor created exclusively for the LindWash by the Lindhaus sister company Rotafil, a world renowned producer of the highest quality motors. A high efficiency by-pass vacuum motor provides extraordinary suction and airflow to the unit. The universal brush motor controls the brush speed with perfect precision and provides overload protection with a reliable electronic system. Finally, the dosing pump dispenses the exact amount of water to be uniformly distributed on the brush without wasted cleaning solution or streak marks.

    There is no longer a need to keep others off the floor after cleaning or to wait for the area to dry because the floor remains perfectly dry during cleaning, which allows for use of the cleaned area immediately. With the high efficiency suction motor, 900 watts of power, along with the precise design of the suction circuit, users of the LindWash obtain perfect washing and drying capabilities in both directions with a 14” cleaning path. The suction that allows for perfect drying in both directions is accomplished with two squeegee nozzles working simultaneously. The cleaning components and floor squeegees of this upright floor cleaner can be easily removed without any tools for a quick rinse and easy maintenance after using the LindWash. The clean and soiled water tanks are integrated in one unique container and the capacity of the clean water/cleaning solution tank allows users to clean uninterrupted for up to 14 minutes. But with a simple movement users can release the tank, empty the soiled water, and refill it with ordinary tap water and fresh cleaning solution to get right back on the job.

    The environmentally friendly LindWash cleaning solutions have been specifically designed and created for the LindWash pro in conjunction with a leading researcher in the formulation of cleaning solutions for the care and maintenance of floor surfaces to give consumers top of the line eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This floor scrubber provides effective cleaning with the Lindwash cleaning solution to be mixed at the amazingly low ratio of only 1%. This reduced cleaning solution usage results in not only time but monetary savings, as well as protecting the environment. Keeping ease in mind the tank’s cap of this Lindhaus cleaning machine is also a measuring device for the cleaning solutions. To reduce the impact on the environment Lindhaus has engineered it so that the LindWash pro requires 10 times less water and cleaning solution than any manual or mechanical washing system available on the market today.

    Lindhaus LW38 LindWash Owner's Manual

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