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    Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bag (2 Bags) Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bag (2 Bags)
    Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bag (2 Bags)
    Item Code:ZVacMieleFJM-2b

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    * Generic FJM Miele Bags
    * A total of 2 Canister Bags (no Filters)
    * For Miele S6 and S4 Series Canister Models
    * High Filtration Standards
    * Self Sealing Vacuum Bags

    Product Description:

    UPC: 608939824218

    This is a two pack of generic Miele Canister FJM Style of high quality vacuum bags by ZVac.
    Just like vacuuming, shopping for replacement bags for Miele FJM models can be a
    major chore, especially if you only need a small supply of bags. With only a limited
    number of options available for buying brand name vacuum bags, you're apt to have
    to buy far more than you expected. When you combine the large supply with the
    high prices that Miele FJM vacuum bags typically fetch, you're liable to spend far
    more than you'd like just to keep your vacuum running smoothly.

    ZVac Miele FJM replacement bags were created with you in mind. With our line of
    fine quality genetic Miele FJM vacuum bags, we make it possible to buy only as many
    sweeper bags as you need at a price that you can afford. With this offer, you'll get
    just two vacuum bags, the perfect amount for many homeowners to purchase at
    once. Plus, we price our generic Miele FJM bags at prices far lower than what you'd
    expect to pay at other stores.

    Although our ZVac Miele FJM vacuum bags are affordably priced, they rival the
    quality of the name brand bags. We use a very durable cloth-like paper in the
    manufacturing of the bags to ensure optimal results. Our bags will remove up to
    99 percent of fine particulates and allergens from your carpets and upholstery,
    meaning you can clean with confidence.

    As an eco-conscious company, is dedicated to helping preserve our
    world's forests. For every 500 ZVac Miele FJM vacuum bags that we sell, we make a
    donation to have one tree planted in the Brazilian rainforest.

    The generic Miele FJM sweeper bags coordinate with many different Miele canister
    models, including s4000s sS6000s and older S200is, S300is, and S500is. Our bags
    are available in other quantities as well as shown below.

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