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Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bags (10 Bags)
Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bags (10 Bags)
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* For Miele S300i, S500i, S4000, S6000, and S200i Series
* 10 Vacuum Bags Total with 2 pre-motor and 2 Exhaust Filters
* Style FJM
* Replaces Miele Part# 09338520
* Four Quart Canister Bags

Product Description:

UPC: 608939824256

This is a 10 pack of generic high quality Miele FJM Style canister vacuum bags by ZVac.

Keep your Miele vacuum running at peak performance with ZVac Miele FJM vacuum
bags. Our generic sweeper bags allow you to save big on the cost of replacement
bags without having to sacrifice results. Easy-to-install and very durable, our Miele
FJM replacement vacuum bags are available for a fraction of the cost of brand name
bags, so you can stock up for less.

With this package, you'll receive 10 ZVac generic Miele FJM bags. In addition,
we include two pre-motor filters and two exhaust filters at no extra charge. Our
sweeper bags are made from cloth-like fabric, so they out perform many traditional
generic Miele FJM vacuum bags. Efficient enough to remove up to 99 percent of
debris, our filters allow for optimal filtration with no negative impact on the suction
strength of the vacuum.

When you purchase ZVac Miele FJM vacuum bags, you'll be able to make the planet
greener, just as you'll be able to make your home a little cleaner. Every time we
sell 500 ZVac bags, we donate enough money to plant one tree in the Brazilian

The ZVac Miele FJM Canister Bags are sized to fit many Miele ranges. The models


S246 Naturell
S247 Ivory Jewel
S247i Canister
S248 Flamenco
S251 Compact
S251 Miele Plus
S256 Black Diamond
S270 Caribic
S278 Silver Star


S301 Midsize
S312 Midsize
S314 Midsize
S314 Red Star
S314 White Star
S316 Cat & Dog
S318 Bahama Blue

S318 MediVac
S334 Ambiente
S336 Blue Magic
S344 Platinum


S514 Direct Connect
S514 Mango Red
S514 Solaris Electro
S514 Solaris Turbo
S514 Solaris Yellow
S516 Cat & Dog
S518 Medivac
S524 Crystal
S524 Mercury
S528 Filtration Guard
S544 Artico
S548 Aluminium
S548 Champagne
S558 Red Velvet
S558 Silver Moon


S4210 Antares
S4210 Capella
S4210 Carina
S4210 Sirius
S4212 Neptune
S4212 Polaris
S4580 Luna
S4582 Eclipse
S4780 Orion


S6270 Quartz
S6270 Red Velvet
S6270 Onyx
S6270 Topaz
S6290 Jasper
S6290 Home Care

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