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Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bags (4 Bags) Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bags (4 Bags)
Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bags (4 Bags)
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* ZVac Brand FJM Bags for Miele
* 4 Canister Bags Total (no filters)
* Cloth-like breathable material
* 99% Allergen Reduction Efficiency
* For Miele S6, S4, S500i, S200i, and S300i Models

Product Description:

UPC: 608939824225

This is a ZVac Brand of a 4 pack of the Miele FJM style of canister vacuum bags.

At, we believe that running the vacuum to keep your home spotless
is enough of a chore. You shouldn't have to face a hassle when it comes time to order
your replacement vacuum bags as well. We've created our ZVac Miele FJM canister
bags to make reordering sweeper bags easy and affordable.

Our ZVac Miele FJM vacuum bags are sold in a wide variety of quantities, so that you
can buy the perfect amount at one time, whether that's a little or a lot. This offer is
for a total of four Miele FJM replacement bags, and you can see the other available
quantities at the bottom of this page.

To make reordering your Miele FJM sweeper bags as affordable as possible, we
price our generic vacuum bags at prices far below the name brand. Still, we craft our
products with the same care and attention to detail to ensure that you won't have to
sacrifice the performance of your Miele FJM vacuum to get a good deal.

Designed to eliminate up to 99 percent of fine particulates and debris, our Miele
FJM vacuum replacement bags are crafted from a cloth-like material. This allows for
superior filtration and ensures the durability of our products. The Miele FJM generic
vacuum bags fit many S4000 and S6000 sweepers as well as older s200i, s500i, and
s300i models.

Not only can you feel good about saving money when you buy our ZVac Miele
FJM vacuum bags, but you can also feel good about supporting's
environmental commitment. Each time we sell 500 ZVac bags, we make a donation
to have one tree planted in the Brazilian rainforest. It's our way of protecting the
planet for our children and for yours.

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