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    Miele (generic) ZVac GN Vacuum Bags (101 Bags)
    Miele (generic) ZVac GN Vacuum Bags (101 Bags)
    Item Code:ZVacMieleGN-101b

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    * Ultimate Bulk Buy Package - Generic Miele GN Canister Bags
    * 101 of Premium ZVac Brand of Vacuum Bags Total with 10 PreMotor Filters and 10 Exhaust Filters
    * For the New Miele S8 Models and S2, S400i, S5, S600i Series
    * Superior 99% Filtration Performance
    * Super-Size 4.76 Quart Capacity

    Product Description:

    UPC: 608939824195

    Super shoppers know that when you buy in bulk, you can enjoy much larger savings
    than you can when purchasing things individually. That's the concept behind our
    massive 101-count bundle of ZVac Miele GN vacuum bags.

    Our generic Miele GN canister bags are already priced far below brand name
    replacement bags, and when you opt for this special offer, you'll save even more.
    You'll also save yourself the hassle and inconvenience of having to frequently
    reorder sweeper bags for quite some time; maybe even for years to come,
    depending on the size of your home and how frequently you run your vacuum.

    When you opt for ZVac Miele GN vacuum bags, you'll receive an easy-to-install,
    biodegradable option made from fine quality cloth-like material. Our sweeper bags
    offer efficient filtration, removing up to 99 percent of harmful particles from the air
    without decreasing the suctioning of your vacuum. Plus, you can feel good about
    purchasing ZVac sweeper bags, knowing that for every 500 generic vacuum bags
    that we sell, we'll donate the money needed to plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest.

    Along with 101 ZVac Miele GN vacuum bags, you'll also receive 10 pre-motor filters
    and 10 exhaust filters with this special offer. Like our vacuum bags, the filters are
    made to rival the performance of brand name models, so that you won't have to
    sacrifice the cleanliness of your home to enjoy big savings.

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