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    Miele ZVac GN Vacuum Bags (2 Bags) Miele ZVac GN Vacuum Bags (2 Bags)
    Miele (generic) ZVac GN Vacuum Bags (2 Bags)
    Item Code:ZVacMieleGN-2b

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    * Generic Miele GN Canister Bags
    * 2 Vacuum Bags Total (no filters)
    * For Miele S8, S5, S2, S400i, and S600i Models
    * Captures 99% of Allergens
    * Bag Capacity is 4.76 Quarts

    Product Description:

    UPC: 608939824102 is dedicated to helping our customers breathe cleaner air and live
    in a greener planet. We also think you shouldn't be over charged for keeping your
    vacuum well maintained. That's why we created our ZVac vacuum bags collection,
    a line of generic sweeper bags designed for high filtration using eco-friendly,
    biodegradable materials.

    Our ZVac Miele GN vacuum bags are manufactured with high attention to detail to
    ensure that they are of the finest quality. The bags are crafted from a special cloth-
    like material that is more breathable than traditional paper. By using this unique
    material, we are able to create generic Miele GN replacement bags that can filter out
    99 percent of all harmful particles from the air.

    Engineered to fit into any Miele vacuum that works with GN bags, our ZVac sweeper
    bags are easy to install. The design of the bags does not diminish the strength of a
    vacuum's suction, meaning our generic Miele GN bags won't inhibit the performance
    of your vacuum.

    As part of our dedication to preserving our environment, selects
    the most eco-conscious materials available when manufacturing out ZVac Miele GN
    vacuum bags. A big part of our commitment to taking care of the planet is our Save
    the Rainforest program; for every 500 ZVac bags that we sell, we make a donation to
    charity to have one tree planted in the Brazilian rain forest.

    This offer includes two ZVac Miele GN vacuum bags. We also sell our generic Miele
    GN sweeper bags individually and in larger packages. You can check out the other
    available sizes by following the links below.

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