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    Miele ZVac GN Vacuum Bags (51 Bags)
    Miele ZVac GN Vacuum Bags (51 Bags)
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    * BULK BUY Package - Generic Miele GN Canister Bags
    * A Total of 51 Canister Vacuum Bags and 5 Pre-Motor and 5 Exhaust Filters
    * Premium Filtration Standards
    * Breathable Cloth-like Bag Composition
    * For s400i, s600i, S2000, S5000, and the new S8 Miele Model Canister Series

    Product Description:

    UPC: 608939824188
    Want to save as much as possible on replacement bags for your Miele vacuum? Our
    51-pack of ZVac Miele GN Vacuum Bags is a smart way to shop! This value pack is
    bulk priced for added savings, and because it contains generic Miele GN replacement
    bags, it is priced far lower than OEM sweeper bags for Miele vacuums. In addition,
    the pack also contains five pre-motor and five exhaust filters that are sized to fit all
    Miele models that require GN sweeper bags.

    When you opt to use ZVac Miele GN Vacuum Bags in place of brand name Miele
    GN bags, all you'll be missing out on is cost! We have designed our generic Miele
    vacuum bags to rival the performance of OEM bags, so you won't notice any change
    in the performance of your vacuum. The sophisticated cloth-like fabric used in the
    design of our generic Miele GN vacuum bags is so effective at filtration that our
    sweeper bags remove up to 99 percent of harmful particles from the air.

    Not only do our ZVac Miele GN Vacuum Bags out perform other generic Miele GN
    replacement bags, but they also have less environmental impact. That's because
    we select eco-friendly, biodegradable materials for the manufacturing of our
    replacement vacuum bags. You can also feel good selecting ZVac Miele GN Vacuum
    Bags, as each time we sell 500 of our ZVac vacuum bags, we donate the proceeds
    needed to plant one tree in the Amazon rain forest.

    For even bigger savings on the cost of replacement vacuum bags, you can check
    out our 101-pack of ZVac Miele GN Vacuum Bags. We also have smaller packages
    available via the links below.

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