Mold! (And what to do about it)

    So, you've found mold in your home. You might see it, you might smell it,
    you might be having allergic reactions to it -- its presence is
    unmistakable. What are you going to do about it? If you let it grow, molds
    can gradually destroy the things they're growing on, and lead to complex
    health problems.

    Well, first the bad news: once mold spores are in your home, it's impossible
    to get rid of them all. The good news: if you can control the moisture
    problem, the mold spores will not grow into another batch of nasty mold.

    First things first: get rid of the root of your moisture! If it's a leaky
    pipe, repair it. If it's a damp carpet, dry it with fans. If you see damp
    spots, quickly dry them and assess what is causing the dampness to prevent
    it from happening again.

    If humidity is the cause, be sure to properly ventilate areas that need to
    be ventilated. Large moisture-producing appliances should be vented to the
    outside where possible. Bathrooms should have a fan running and/or
    windows/doors open when the shower is being used. Use air conditioners, Air purifiers, Air Movers, Dryers and/or
    dehumidifiers if needed.

    After you've ensured that moisture won't be a continuing problem, it's time
    to attack the mold.

    - If it's a hard surface, you can scrub the mold off with detergent, water
    and a stiff brush. A bleach solution is also powerful if detergent alone
    doesn't work.

    - Rinse with vinegar to get the bleach off (if you use bleach).

    - Dry the cleaned area and keep it dry to prevent further mold growth.

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