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    1. CARPET PRO 19.452 HOSE

      CARPET PRO 19.452 HOSE

    2. Classic Black OmnivacTM

      Classic Black OmnivacTM

      The Classic Black Omnivac® is a new generation of beautiful powerful cleaning systems. A powerhouse for tackling tough jobs with ease. Nothing beats the Omnivac® for getting out imbedded dirt. That's because it is way ahead on all these important features: power, performance and portability. Power: Thanks to a 1.17 Peak HP motor and efficient flow thru design. Omnivac's® suction is far superior to most ordinary vacuum cleaners and its reversible, 200 mph air blower sweeps up garages, workshops, walkways, and inflates infaltables too. Performance: When it comes to results even much more expensive upright models can take a back seat to Omnivac®. The combination rug and floor tool, goes from carpet to bare floors with a touch of a switch, to clean everything from carpets and floors to walls and ceilings. Portability: This all steel heavy duty vacuum weighs approximately 9 lbs. so its light enough to be carried over the shoulder or it can be rolled along on its smooth gliding wheels and swivel caster. Learn More
    3. Metropolitan Vacuum MDV-2TCA MetroVac Pro DataVac 2 Vacuum Cleaner w/ Case

      Metropolitan Vacuum MDV-2TCA MetroVac Pro DataVac 2 Vacuum Cleaner w/ Case

      DataVac 2 Vacuum Cleaner picks up dangerous toner spills from laser printers and copiers and is 99.9% efficient on particles to .3 microns. These hi-tech vac/blowers have plenty of power for the toughest jobs yet are sensitive enough to pick up the most minute particles. This is perfect for cleaning, all types of office equipment from micros to mainframes, laser printers, copiers, fax machines, disc drives, calculators, electronic typewriters, automatic teller machines.DataVac is environmentally friendly, too! It traps and removes harmful pollutants before they are expelled into the atmosphere. Well-run offices know computer downtime and repairs cost dearly. With DataVac you can keep your equipment running clean, all the time. DataVac pro is inexpensive and user friendly. Learn More
    4. Metro Air Force Steel Quick Draw Dog Dryer, 1.3 HP

      Metro Air Force Steel Quick Draw Dog Dryer, 1.3 HP

      MADE IN USA the AIR FORCE QUICK DRAW is a compact, powerful hand held pet dryer that is small enough to take on the road yet strong enough to use in the shop to dry off a large long haired dog in minutes! At just over 3 pounds the compact all steel QUICK DRAW produces a large volume of warm air to dry all pets quickly and thoroughly. Learn More

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