Neoair Enviro 68108 Advanced Air Purifier ( Neo Air 68108 )
    Neoair Enviro 68108 Advanced Air Purifier ( Neo Air 68108 )

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     Neoair Enviro PLUS is the latest addition in the Neoair Family. More powerful than ever this model features a huge 600 sq ft coverage area. With the new SuperHEPA filter this unit is especially recommended to asthma sufferers and to people that are extra sensitive to dusts and pollens. The SuperHEPA incorporates twice as much filter media making it more efficient against the finest particles and allergens. The Neoair Plus is an excellent multi stage home air purifier that offers you and your family protection against a countless number of airborne pollutants and irritants. It combines proven to work technologies like SuperHEPA Filtration and the latest OFS sterilization technology Whether you want to remove dust and pollen from the living room, neutralize molds and fungi in the kitchen or basement, drastically reduce certain bacteria from the bath the Neoair PLUS can handle all your needs

    The Neoair Plus Air Purifier is a new home air purifier concept that features the cutting edge of 5 different air cleaning technologies all combined in a sharp, compact design.

    Whether you want to remove bacteria, dust and pollen from the bedroom, drastically reduce cigarette smoke in the den, or rid the baby's room of diaper pail odors, the Neoair Enviro can handle all your needs. Every room is full of potentially harmful airborne pollutants; most are virtually invisible to the naked eye but still extremely tough on our health. The enviro 68108 advanced features can automatically detect and drastically reduce them, helping you and your family live more comfortably.

    The Neoair Enviro 68108 Air Purifier is not your common air purifier. It represents the future of air purification technology.

    NEW O.F.S. Filter Technology

    O.F.S. stands for Organic Fiber Sterilization technology.

    Independent test results conducted by the CHN Center for Disease Control and Prevention institute for Environmental Health and Related Product Safety show that the O.F.S. filter killed 97.7% of certain airborne bacteria in a mid-size room after 6 hours of operation.

    Most filters only capture bacteria, acting like flypaper for the microscopic organisms. But the advanced O.F.S. filter not only snares bacteria but kills it as well.

    The O.F.S. filters are soaked in a special neutral, non-irritating organic solution. The compound bonds with the filter media and starts a chemical reaction that destroys certain bacteria trapped on the surface within time after contact.

    The technology behind the O.F.S. filter is the first of its kind.

    In environments like hospitals or laboratories where cleanliness and sterility are crucial, the new O.F.S. filter technology is an invaluable tool in fighting the spread of disease and infection.

    The O.F.S. technology has proven to have broad spectrum antibacterial effects and can restrain growth and reproduction of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.

    How Neoair Air Purifier Works
    Neoair Enviro 68108 Air Purifier home air purifier is based on a 5-level air filtration structure. It features the same filtration technology that is used in laboratories and clean rooms, to assure you the cleanest indoor air you will ever breathe whether you are awake or asleep.

    The first purification stage starts with the Pre-screening Filter.

    Its main function is to capture large particles such as dust, pollen and skin flakes. Another feature of the pre-filter is to preserve and extend the life of the HEPA and Activated carbon filters. By pre-filtering the larger molecules, it shields the HEPA filter from getting clogged.

    The 2nd stage consists of a High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter commonly called a HEPA filter. Originally developed by the Atomic Energy Commission, it removes 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size, almost 300 times smaller than the width of a human hair. HEPA technology is currently the only type of air purification tool recommended by the U.S. Government
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