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    The NQ Clarifier air purifier is in a class by itself. With its five-stage, hospital-grade filtration process, it absorbs a wider spectrum of allergens, gases, viruses, and bacteria than any other air purifier we offer. NQ Clarifier air purifiers include germicidal ultraviolet lamps to eradicate bacteria and viruses. The NQ Clarifier purifies air with 2 recognized processes: FILTRATION - Four stages of mechanical filtration: - 10 µm particulate pre-filter - Formulated activated carbon filter - HEPA filter ASHRAE - H13 (99.97% at 0.3 µm) - Carbon impregnated post filter UV DISINFECTION - Two or four germicidal UV lamps providing a total UV dosage of 13,000 to 26,000 µWsec/cm² to inactivate micro-organisms Working Principle: - The air is recirculated to 4 inlet grills (7’’ x 10’’ - 178 x 254 mm) - Particles > 10 µm are trapped by the pre-filter - The air then passes trough an activated carbon filter, optimised to treat odors problems, VOC’s and chemical pollutants - After 99.97% of particles and micro-organisms > 0.3 µm are filtered by an HEPA filter H13 - Viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens and molds are finally destroyed by UVC germicidal irradiation in the UV zone - Purified air is discharged via a post filter and a patented air discharge system “Topflow” that maximises the room effective air change rate The multi-level filtration system is further enhanced by a powerful unit air flow. The NQ Clarifier can clean up to 18,000 cubic feet of air every hour. Even at top speed, it is quiet and energy efficient, using only as much energy as a light bulb (100 watts). For use in the highly demanding medical environment, you simply cannot find a more effective air purifier than the NQ Clarifier. Construction - 22 gauge galvanized steel housing features intake panels below, and angled outflow louvers on top. HEPA filter eliminates 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns, including pollen, molds and dust 15 lbs. specially formulated carbon eliminates a wide range of gasses and chemicals, including formaldehyde and ozone Four germicidal UV lights kill sickness- and disease-causing bacteria and viruses, including TB and influenza Variable speed control - sound level of only 55 dBA, even at highest speed. Patented 'Topflow' air discharge system cycles up to 18,000 cubic feet of air every hour. Maintenance required: Prefilter: 2 months (vacuum), 6 months (change) Carbon filter and post filter: 12 – 18 months HEPA: 24 months max. (18 months recommended) UV lamps: 1 year Dimensions (H x W x D) - 28" x 15" x 14” Power supply – 115V – 60 Hz Weight - 48lbs.
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