Odor Assassin

    We all look for products that work better than what we are currently using. With Odor Assassin, you can stop looking for an odor eliminator. Odor Assassin truly eliminates any type of odor in just a matter of seconds. Just one or two sprays will clear away offensive odors from pets, cooking, trash, bathrooms, tobacco smoke, incontinence, even musty odors. And smell good – definitely. Odor Assassin scents are absolutely delicious. We often call them flavors because they smell so good.

    Odors happen! They’re natural! They can be offensive, irritating, aggravating and sometimes, downright embarrassing. With Odor Assassin, odors are simply gone. It’s the same formula industry and institutions from land fills to nursing homes have been using for over 30 years to solve their most challenging odor problems.

    Odor Assassin’s 100% active, natural formula with its patented odor killing ingredient is packed in non-aerosol recyclable aluminum cans. More than 1500 sprays in every 8oz can makes this a great value! The NEW 2.2 oz travel size contains more than 400 sprays.

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