Oreck CCPK8OF CC Bags Odor Fighting Anti-Allergen Hypo-Allergenic

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    These are 8 high quality replacement Oreck Odor Fighting bags made by Envirocare. These are the new style Oreck bags, or the Type CC bags which are made to fit the new style Oreck's that have the docking station. These bags will also work with the older style non-docking station, or the type that cardboard collar fits directly over the fill tube. It will be a close fit when zipping back the outer bag, but they will work.

    These bags are made of 7 layer synthetic cloth material with an inner layer constructed of charcoal material which captures and eliminates odors. The vacuum bags also have a convenient seal, allowing you to seal the opening of the bag shut, preventing a face full of dust when replacing the bag.

    These bags work with most Oreck upright models including: Models XL100C, XL9100C, XL888, XL888G, XL5000, XL5300, 8300G, XL9200, XL9400, XL988, XL988G, XL9300, XL9300G, XL9800, XL2000, XL2100, XL2200, XL2300, 2400, 2500, 2600, 2700 and 2800, XL8000, XL9000, XL3000, 2000 and XL21 These bags will also fit the older, non-docking style models; XL100C, XL-8300, XL888, XL5000, XL5300, XL8000, XL9000, XL9200, XL9200SG and XL2000 series.

    Save substantially on the generic Oreck Odor Eliminating bags, over the much more expensive genuine Oreck Odor Fighting bags.

    You can determine if your current Oreck bags are the older style or the newer style depending on the amount of bags you buy per package. The newer docking station, or Type CC bags (Hypo-Allergenic type part number CCPK8DW , and the lower quality high density bags Oreck part number CCPK8) come 8 bags per package, where as the older style non-docking station bags come 9 bags per package (Oreck part number PK8000-9DW).
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