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    1. Oreck Fans

      Oreck Fans

      Did you know that the fan inside your vacuum cleaner is responsible for creating the airflow which helps tackle dirt from your floor and upholstery? Other parts such as the brushroll, motor, etc work in conjunction with this crucial part to ensure a clean home after a vacuuming session. If you find that the fan in your Oreck vacuum is not working, you need to replace it at the earliest. Replacing it is a simple process which you can have completed with a few simple tools including the flat head and regular screwdriver.

      Looking for a leading supplier for vacuum cleaner parts and accessories? GoVacuum is the website to turn to. Stocking a massive range of vacuum cleaners, replacement parts and accessories, for leading brands such as Electrolux, Miele, Bissell, Hoover, we are able to supply all the parts and accessories for all types of vacuum, including uprights, canisters, commercial and central vacuums. Our friendly staff is willing to offer you all the advice you need and we also have an updated blog with tips on vacuuming and cleaning.

      Product Features: • One Oreck Fan Learn More

    2. Oreck Lights

      Oreck Lights

      There is no doubt that the choice of a right vacuum cleaner can reduce your cleaning woes considerably. However, not maintaining your vacuum cleaner can lead you to expensive repairs or your might have to dispose your vacuum cleaner as well. Even simple parts such as lights on your vacuum, such as this Oreck light can impact your cleaning ability. Buy this light for your Oreck cleaning system so its convenient for you to see into dark places while you vacuum.

      We need various appliances to make our life easy, and the vacuum cleaner is one of them. However before choosing one, we need to be clear about our needs and budget so we can buy that suits these two aspects. It’s important to note that cost does not necessarily mean quality or usability. Take a look at the range of vacuums available at If you are buying a new vacuum cleaner, existing the parts on your older vacuum cleaner, you first need to gain information about its features, price, availability, reputed brands and guarantee offered. GoVacuum has a video review section that can detail all these aspects for you. Don’t forget to read the GoVacuum blog which is updated with the latest on vacuum cleaning systems.

      Product Features:

      • One Oreck light Learn More

    3. Oreck Metal Fan for XL models

      Oreck Metal Fan for XL models

      It’s the fan inside your vacuum cleaning system that directs airflow from the cleaning head to dirt collector in it. While blowing inward it causes air to spin upwards and also initiates more air to come in through the intake valve. Now that you’ll agree that the fan is indeed an important component of the vacuum, you’ll also want to check if the fan on your vacuum is working fine. Here is a Oreck Metal Fan for XL models. Powerful, durable and easy-to-use, your Oreck cleaning system has always helped you clean your home in the least time. Wouldn’t you want to replace the parts that are not functioning to ensure that your Oreck cleaning system continues to deliver optimal performance?

      More options and more savings, that’s what you will get when you buy vacuum cleaners or accessories at Find the cleaning system based on the brand, model number or feature you want. Have questions? Our support staff is available via live chat to help you find the best machine or replacement part for your needs. Free shipping and many more interesting offers await you when you visit

      Product Features:

      1. One Oreck Metal Fan 2. Suits XL models Learn More

    4. Oreck Switches

      Oreck Switches

      Your vacuum cleaner switch is subject to immense stress especially because it has been pressed so much over the years. Testing the switch is one of the most important means to determine if the switch on your vacuum cleaner is damaged or not. If you find that your Oreck vacuum cleaner experiences issues when you try to power it on, you’ll need to test its switch and if it does not work, replace it with this Oreck switch. Your Oreck vacuum cleaners cuts cleaning time by half. It’s your turn to take care, by replacing crucial parts such as the switch for prolonged life.

      The right product for virtually any cleaning challenge – that’s what GoVacuum can offer you. Finding the right vacuum cleaner and replacement parts for your older vacuum cleaner has never been easier. We offer the convenience of better prices, free shipping and also a variety to choose from. Shopping at GoVacuum helps you find many products that you wouldn’t be able to find at the store including replacement parts for your older vacuum cleaner. Also, there is no pressure to buy a particular vacuum cleaner or replacement part, you can make a wise, informed decision by considering the pros and cons of all the products available.

      Product Features: • One Oreck Switch Learn More

    5. Oreck XL Upright Replacement Roller Brush (Beater Bar) 016-1152

      Oreck XL Upright Replacement Roller Brush (Beater Bar) 016-1152

      This is a high quality replacement roller brush made by Cleavland Wood Products, the leader and highest quality generic roller brush maker on the market. MADE IN THE USA. This roller brush is identical to the genuine Oreck roller brush. Learn More
    6. Roller Brush for Oreck XL Upright Vacuum Cleaners

      Roller Brush for Oreck XL Upright Vacuum Cleaners

      Replacement roller brush for 2000, 9000 and 3000 series XL Upright Vacuum Cleaners Learn More
    7. Oreck Compact Canister Buster B Replacement Hose, Part 72046-05-0327

      Oreck Compact Canister Buster B Replacement Hose, Part 72046-05-0327.

      Genuine Oreck Buster B, Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Suction and Attachment Hose Part number 72046-05-0327. Learn More
    8. Oreck Fresh Air Scented Tablets, Cinnamon Scent. Part AIRTABC. 12 Tablets Per Pack.

      Oreck Fresh Air Scented Tablets, Cinnamon Scent. Part AIRTABC. 12 Tablets Per Pack.

      12 Pack - Genuine Oreck scented air tablets, Cinnamon flavor works in all types of vacuum cleaner bags.- Neutralizes Stale Bag Odors - Perfect for Pet Areas - For Use IN All Types of Vacuum Cleaners - Effective in Laundry Hampers, Automobile Interiors, D Learn More
    9. Oreck Scented Air Tablets (12pk)

      Oreck Scented Air Tablets (12pk)

      This is a 12 pack of genuine Oreck lemon scented air tablets which can be used by all bagged vacuum cleaners; excellent for pet owners. Learn More
    10. Oreck XLPRO6A Commercial 6 Quart Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

      Oreck XLPRO6A Commercial 6 Quart Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

      Oreck XLPRO6A Commercial 6 Quart Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Learn More

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