Attachment Sets

    A vacuum cleaner is one of the appliances that every household should have. It makes cleaning the wall-to-wall carpeting or bare floors very easy. The vacuum cleaners that are available today are compact and light weight. They also come along with a wide variety of attachments and accessories to make the cleaning task easier.

    How to use a vacuum cleaner to clean a carpeted room

    •Most of the new vacuum cleaners have a removable and reusable canister. While in the older vacs, the dirt and debris is deposited in a bag. These bags have to be replaced with new ones every now and then. The canisters can be emptied washed, dried and reused.

    •Before vacuuming a room, remove all the smaller items and put them away because contemporary vacuums have powerful suction pumps. Small items can be sucked in easily.

    •If you're vacuuming the carpets and rugs adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner accordingly. If the height of the vacuum cleaner is high, there will not be enough suction power and if it is low, the airflow will not be enough.

    •Gently glide the vacuum forward and backward over the carpet to remove as much dirt as possible.

    •To clean the corners and under the furniture, use the hose with exchangeable ends, and other attachments such as nozzles. Most of the top branded vacuum cleaners have a series of attachments to make your work very easy.

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