Bagless Vacuum Dirt Cups

    Think of all the things that your vacuum cleaner comes into contact with- pet hair, dried mud, dead bugs, food particles and other dirt. No wonder over the period of time you vacuum begins to smell bad. When you use your vacuum, the air is forced through the dirt cup or bag and it blows the odor into your home. There are ways to keep your vacuum cleaner smelling good and this in turn will keep your home smelling fresh.

    How to keep your bag-less vacuum cleaner smelling fresh and clean

    •The first and foremost step is to empty the dirt cup very often and clean it with soap and water before reusing.

    •You can also put deodorizing carpet powder, cinnamon, cotton ball dipped in essential oil before replacing the dirt cup into the vacuum.

    •Clean the debris and tangled hair off your vacuum's brush frequently. You can either pull out the dirt and debris with your hands or use an old comb to remove it.

    •Wipe the vacuum cleaner once in while with water and lemon water or vinegar. Keep it covered so it does not get dusty.

    A dirt cup is a part of a bag-less vacuum cleaner. In case of the damage, it can be replaced with a new one. Almost dirt cup of all the models of vacuum cleaner are available in Visit our website to check out the cleaning solutions and their prices.


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