Carpet Extractor Parts

    Professional carpet cleaners can charge you a bomb to clean but give a sparkle to your old and dingy carpet. If you want a clean carpet but not willing to pay a high price to a professional carpet cleaner, invest in a good carpet extractor. This way you can clean your carpets yourself.

    How to connect your carpet extractor

    •Connect the end of the hose to a vacuum wand and double check to see that all connections are in tact to avoid leaks.

    •Now fill the solution tank of the extractor with warm water and non-foaming carpet extractor solution. Read the directions given on the cleaner packet. Make sure that the solution is mixed well and properly.

    •Switch on the vacuum cleaner. Start cleaning from one corner of the room. Press the wand to the floor and slowly drag it across the carpeted surface in straight lines. Always ensure that the wand is flat on the ground.

    •Continue cleaning the floor in straight lines in slow motions until the entire carpeted floor has been cleaned. Allow it to dry over night to get best results.

    •Remove the extractor tank from the vacuum cleaner and dispose of the water only after you have switched of your machine. is the ideal place to pick up the accessories for your vacuum cleaner. Carpet extractors of many top brands are available at this online vacuum cleaner portal. You can browse through the various models. This will help to compare the prices and features before settling for one that best suits your cleaning needs.


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