Central Vacuum Hoses

    The vacuum hose is an integral and the main component of a vacuum cleaner appliance. It is the hose that transfers the dust and debris from teh floor to the dirt cup or canister. If you're replacing the hose of your central vacuum cleaner, ensure that the replacement hose is compatible with your vacuum cleaner. Also be aware of the length of the hose because only you know the distance the hose needs to reach in your house when purchasing a new vacuum hose.

    Tips to choose the right central vacuum hose

    •Check out the manufacturer’s manual of your central vacuum unit. it will have the model.

    •You can either visit manufacturer's website to get the replacement hose or buy it from GoVacuum.com. At Govacuum.com you can buy a genuine part of your brand of central vacuum cleaner at a bargain deal.

    •When choosing your hose, ensure to provide the model number of your appliance. Remember that an incompatible hose will not connect to the outlet.

    •Ensure that your hose is long enough to reach the farthest nooks and corners of our home. For that measure the farthest distance from the outlet that you have to clean.

    •Also ensure that the accessories are compatible with the new hose. So mention the accessory details to the dealer when buying new hose.

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