Dusting Brushes

    For high-level dusting vacuum cleaner is an ideal tool. This cleaning appliance comes equipped with necessary cleaning heads and extension wands to suck dust, debris and cobwebs from the highest corners. To remove the grime and cobweb from the corners of the ceiling it is ideal to use a dusting brush. This brush is used for cleaning the picture frames, light fittings and curtain poles. However for best cleaning performance the vacuum cleaner and dusting brushes should also be cleaned regularly.

    How to clean your vacuum cleaner?

    •Change the filter dust bag regularly else the vacuum will become clogged. Always ensure that you use the filter bag of the same brand as that of your vacuum cleaner.

    •Once a month remove debris such as hair, string or lint from the brush. You can remove the debris by pulling it free from the brush. If the strings or hair are tightly entangled in the brush cut them using a pair of scissors.

    •Wipe the outside of the vacuum cleaner with a soft damp cloth after every use. Keep the vacuum cleaner covered when not in use.

    •You can wash the attachments such as hoses and extenders in warm soapy water. Rinse them and allow them to dry completely before putting them back on the vacuum cleaner.

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