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    1. Pullman Holt B100329

      Pullman Holt B100329 Gloss Boss Replacement Nylon Brushes, 2 pk.

      Pullman Holt B100329 Gloss Boss Replacement Nylon Brushes, 2 pk. These are two replacement nylon scrub brushes for the Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Mini Scrubber and Polisher model B200752. These brushes are used to effectively deep clean carpeting using the encapsulating method, or the dry carpet cleaning powders such as the Sebo Duo-P Carpet Cleaning Powder These brushes can also be effectively used to clean grout lines in tiled floors. The long bristles on the brushes make cleaning grout lines easy. The brushes are also used to secure the pads onto the machine. The B10039 Nylon brushes have been approved to clean concrete, and even patios. At 470 RPM, these brushes help remove even the dirtiest, heaviest soiled carpeting, concrete, ceramic tile, linoleum, marble, Pergo, and any other type of bare surface flooring (pads needed for some types of floors). Over time the bristles will begin to wear down in length, and become less effective. It's at this point when the brushes should be replaced. Fits all Pullman Holt Mini Gloss Boss buffers, including the model B200752. Genuine Pullman Holt Part Number B100329. Each package contains 2 brushes per package. Learn More
    2. Pullman Holt Replacement Nylon Brushes

      Pullman Holt Replacement Nylon Brushes

      Works with: Pullman Holt B100329, ##Pullman Holt08-3900-02 Learn More

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