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    If you have wooden floors then it is mandatory that you invest in a good floor polisher. Though the wooden floors give the rooms a warm and golden tone, taking care of them can be tricky if you’re not very careful. Wooden floors can be easily scratched, excess moisture and chemicals can damage the wood. Here we look at how to use a floor polisher on a wooden floor.

    How to use Floor Polisher on Wooden Floors

    •Clean the floor with a soft brushed broom or a vacuum cleaner before using the floor polisher.

    •Ensure that the pad of the floor polisher is clean and sparkling. Buff the floor with the pad from one corner to another until the entire room is covered.

    •You can either use a floor wax or make a all natural floor polish at home. In a double boiler heat 2 cups of mineral oil and 1 tbsp beeswax. Once they are melted drizzle the mixture evenly over the floor.

    •Slide a new pad into the floor polisher. Slowly move the floor polisher from the back of the room to the front in gentle motions. The slow and gentle motion of the floor polisher over the polish will bring a glow and sparkle to the floor.

    If you are planning to invest in a good floor polisher look no further than Here we deal with only the top most brands such as Bissell, Bosch, Carpet, Dyson and so on. The floor polisher replacements such as pads, shower feed brush, roller brush are available with us. is a one stop for all your cleaning solutions.

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    1. Centec Electric Brush Powerhead 14in CT18DXQD

      Centec Electric Brush Powerhead 14in CT18DXQD

      The Centec CT18DXQD features height adjustment for a wide variety of carpet, large rear wheels to help negotiate around furniture and uneven surfaces. Learn More
    2. Cen-Tec CT210 Power Brush

      Cen-Tec CT210 Power Brush

      The nozzles four-brushroll features a durable metal core with replaceable brush strips and side belt drive. The low profile design has a clear view roller cover that allows you to visually check the units operation and a low profile center mounted headlight. A toe operated switch located on top of the power nozzle can also be used to control the power brush for cleaning hard floors. The CT210 nozzle also features large rear wheels for easy maneuverability and a non-marring bumper that will protect your baseboards and furniture from dings, scratches and dents Learn More
    3. Centec CPB-100S power brush
    4. Centec # 34001 360 Degree Swivel 1 1/4 Fit All Dusting Brush

      Centec # 34001 360 Degree Swivel 1 1/4 Fit All Dusting Brush

      This Centec dusting brush has a 90 degree swivel head Learn More
    5. Centec CPB-100S power brush
    6. Oreck Brushrolls

      Oreck Brushrolls

      Agitation is an important feature of vacuum cleaning systems. Designed with bristles, an important part known as the brush roll, helps agitate and loosen dirt from the surface of carpets. The dirt or dust is then sucked into the machine by the motor. With constant use, these rolls tend to get covered with debris which is also capable of hampering its effectiveness. If worn, cracked or broken, you need to replace it. If you have an Oreck vacuum and you notice that the brush bristles have worn down over time, here is a replacement. You can replace the brush roll in a few simple steps and enhance the functioning of your Oreck vacuum considerably.

      GoVacuum is your number one source for vacuum cleaning systems and parts. Stock up on your vacuum bags, belts, fans, brush rolls, and other important spares by shopping online at GoVacuum. Shop with confidence on our safe and secure website, utilize our free shipping offers, and find all the products you need for your vacuum cleaning system at affordable prices online.

      Product Features:

      • One Oreck Brushroll Learn More

    7. Genuine Oreck Upright Brushroll Assembly
    8. Oreck  Model 988 / 9000 Brushroll Oreck 58-3400-68 Brushroll Wood

      Oreck Model 988 / 9000 Brushroll Oreck 58-3400-68 Brushroll Wood

      Works With: Oreck 58-3400-68 Oreck O-75202-01 Fits Oreck 988/9000 Description:Oreck Black Brushroll Wood Double Row Bristles Generic Brushroll Not OEM Part Fits Models: 988 / 9000 O-75202-01 58-3400-68 Learn More
    9. Oreck XL21 Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roll - Genuine

      Oreck XL21 Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roll - Genuine

      Oreck vacuum cleaner brush roll only fits the XL21 model. Genuine Oreck vacuum cleaner part. Learn More
    10. Oreck XL Upright Brush Roller

      Oreck XL Upright Brush Roller

      Fits Model: all Oreck XL 2, 2000, 3000, 4000, 8000, 9000 series upright vacuum cleaners. Learn More

    Results 1 - 10 of 21

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