Floor Polisher Parts

    If you have wooden floors then it is mandatory that you invest in a good floor polisher. Though the wooden floors give the rooms a warm and golden tone, taking care of them can be tricky if you’re not very careful. Wooden floors can be easily scratched, excess moisture and chemicals can damage the wood. Here we look at how to use a floor polisher on a wooden floor.

    How to use Floor Polisher on Wooden Floors

    •Clean the floor with a soft brushed broom or a vacuum cleaner before using the floor polisher.

    •Ensure that the pad of the floor polisher is clean and sparkling. Buff the floor with the pad from one corner to another until the entire room is covered.

    •You can either use a floor wax or make a all natural floor polish at home. In a double boiler heat 2 cups of mineral oil and 1 tbsp beeswax. Once they are melted drizzle the mixture evenly over the floor.

    •Slide a new pad into the floor polisher. Slowly move the floor polisher from the back of the room to the front in gentle motions. The slow and gentle motion of the floor polisher over the polish will bring a glow and sparkle to the floor.

    If you are planning to invest in a good floor polisher look no further than GoVacuum.com. Here we deal with only the top most brands such as Bissell, Bosch, Carpet, Dyson and so on. The floor polisher replacements such as pads, shower feed brush, roller brush are available with us. GoVacuum.com is a one stop for all your cleaning solutions.

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    1. Cirrus Model CR78, CR88 Vacuum Cleaner Metal Brushroll

      Cirrus Model CR78, CR88 Vacuum Cleaner Metal Brushroll

      Works with: Cirrus CR78, Cirrus CR88 Learn More
    2. Nutone Central Vacuum Floor Turbo Brush With Removable Dust Care Generic Vacuum Cleaner Turbo

      Nutone Central Vacuum Floor Turbo Brush With Removable Dust Care Generic Vacuum Cleaner Turbo

      Works with: NutoneVX475, Nutone VX475C, Nutone VX550, Nutone VX550C, Nutone VX1000, Nutone VX1000C, Nutone CV450, Nutone CV353, Nutone CV350, Nutone CV352, Nutone CV353, Nutone CV653, Nutone CV400, Nutone CV450W, Nutone CV750, Nutone CV850, Nutone VX550, Nutone VX1000, Nutone VX475, Eureka 713B, Eureka 3988A, Eureka 8289A, Eureka 3123A, Eureka 3630A, Eureka 1700, Eureka 6000, Eureka 4000, Eureka 5000, Eureka 3670A, Eureka 3684D, Sanitaire SC3683A, Eureka Mini, Eureka 5500, Eureka 6500I, Eureka 9000, Eureka Z1, Eureka Z2, Eureka Z3, Eureka Z4, Carpet Pro CPCC1, Fuller Brush BLC, Fuller Brush FBPT2, Hayden 3600, Hayden 6000, Hayden 6000T, Hayden 7000, Hoover S1361, Hoover S3590, Hoover S3765-040, Hoover S3670, Hoover S3755, Hoover L2310, Koblenz PV3000, Koblenz WD330K2, Koblenz WD330K2B, Koblenz WD330K2P, Koblenz WD600K, Koblenz WD900K, Loveless Ash MU305, Loveless Ash MU405W, Loveless Ash MU305W, Loveless Ash MU305G, Loveless Ash MU405, Loveless Ash MU405R, Modern Day Flo Master M85, Perfect C101, Perfect PB1006, Perfect PB1001, Valet 1500, Valet 160, Valet 4000, Cirrus CB50, Tri Star 2-51, Tri Star 2-54, Tri Star 2-101, Tri Star 2-102, Eureka 713B, Eureka 1510A, Eureka 3988A, Eureka 8289A, Eureka 3123A, Eureka 3630A, Eureka 1756A, Eureka 6568A, Eureka 3670G, Kirby 505-516, Kirby 1CR, Kirby Classic, Kirby 1CB, Kirby Omega, Kirby 2CB, Kirby Classic III, Kirby 3CB, Kirby Tradition, Kirby Generation 3, Kirby G3, Kirby Generation 4, Kirby G4, Kirby Generation 5, Kirby G5, Kirby Generation 6, Kirby G6, Kirby Ultimate, Kirby Diamond Edition, Kirby Sentria, Oreck BB870AS, Oreck BB280, Oreck BB850AD, Oreck BB850AS, Oreck BB850AW, Oreck BB870AD, Oreck BB870AW, Oreck BB900DGB, Oreck BB900DGR, Oreck BB900SM, Rainbow D2, Rainbow D3, Rainbow D4, Rainbow SE, Rainbow E, Rainbow E2, Rainbow E3, Dirt Devil 082123, Dirt Devil 2155, Dirt Devil 2160, Dirt Devil 2165, Electrolux 30, Electrolux G, Electrolux 60, Electrolux L, Electrolux E, Electrolux F, Electrolux R, Electrolux 1205, Ele Learn More

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