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    If you have wooden floors then it is mandatory that you invest in a good floor polisher. Though the wooden floors give the rooms a warm and golden tone, taking care of them can be tricky if you’re not very careful. Wooden floors can be easily scratched, excess moisture and chemicals can damage the wood. Here we look at how to use a floor polisher on a wooden floor.

    How to use Floor Polisher on Wooden Floors

    •Clean the floor with a soft brushed broom or a vacuum cleaner before using the floor polisher.

    •Ensure that the pad of the floor polisher is clean and sparkling. Buff the floor with the pad from one corner to another until the entire room is covered.

    •You can either use a floor wax or make a all natural floor polish at home. In a double boiler heat 2 cups of mineral oil and 1 tbsp beeswax. Once they are melted drizzle the mixture evenly over the floor.

    •Slide a new pad into the floor polisher. Slowly move the floor polisher from the back of the room to the front in gentle motions. The slow and gentle motion of the floor polisher over the polish will bring a glow and sparkle to the floor.

    If you are planning to invest in a good floor polisher look no further than Here we deal with only the top most brands such as Bissell, Bosch, Carpet, Dyson and so on. The floor polisher replacements such as pads, shower feed brush, roller brush are available with us. is a one stop for all your cleaning solutions.

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    1. Dust Care Emer Lil Sucker Model DCH-600 Small Dust Brush
    2. Sanitaire 13" Grit Brush

      Sanitaire 13" Grit Brush

      Grit Brush for 13" Floor Machines Learn More
    3. Sanitaire 13" Nylon Brush

      Sanitaire 13" Nylon Brush

      Nylon Brush for 13" Floor Machines Learn More
    4. Sanitaire 13" Polish Brush

      Sanitaire 13" Polish Brush

      Polish Brush for 13" Floor Machines Learn More
    5. Sanitaire 13" Poly Brush

      Sanitaire 13" Poly Brush

      Poly Brush for 13" Floor Machines Learn More
    6. Sanitaire 62052 Floor Machine Grit Brush 13''
    7. Sanitaire 15" Polish Brush

      Sanitaire 15" Polish Brush

      Polish Brush for 15" Floor Machines Learn More
    8. Sanitaire 15" Poly Brush

      Sanitaire 15" Poly Brush

      Sanitaire has been offering a wide range of quiet, durable and high performance models that have refined the cleaning process. Their powerful tools and proven designs have ensured that the perfect cleaning solution is in fact a reality. Genuine Sanitaire brushes are manufactured for use, especially scrubbing, stripping and polishing with your durable Sanitaire floor machine. Buy this and take care of carpets and marble the way they should be treated. It is compatible with various models of Sanitaire floor machines, they only need to measure 15 inches across. Extend the life of your Sanitaire machine by adding this 15" Poly Brush to its kit.

      If you're looking to buy a vacuum cleaner, there is a lot of chance that you'd be spoiled for choice. is the best resource to run you through all the basics and choose a vacuum cleaning system that suits your cleaning needs. Even if you want carpet cleaning solutions of a low budget, we can arrange for that. From top rated products in each category to review videos and a blog, GoVacuum is a comprehensive resource that can help you choose the best cleaning system for your home. What’s great is that you can find a host of replacement devices such as poly brushes for your cleaning systems.

      Product Features: • Sanitaire Poly brush for carpet and marble 15" brush • Compatible with models of Sanitaire floor machines that measure 15 inches across

      Learn More

    9. Sanitaire 17" Grit Brush

      Sanitaire 17" Grit Brush

      Grit Brush for 17" Floor Machines Learn More
    10. Sanitaire 17" Nylon Brush

      Sanitaire 17" Nylon Brush

      Nylon Brush for 17" Floor Machines Learn More

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