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    If you have wooden floors then it is mandatory that you invest in a good floor polisher. Though the wooden floors give the rooms a warm and golden tone, taking care of them can be tricky if you’re not very careful. Wooden floors can be easily scratched, excess moisture and chemicals can damage the wood. Here we look at how to use a floor polisher on a wooden floor.

    How to use Floor Polisher on Wooden Floors

    •Clean the floor with a soft brushed broom or a vacuum cleaner before using the floor polisher.

    •Ensure that the pad of the floor polisher is clean and sparkling. Buff the floor with the pad from one corner to another until the entire room is covered.

    •You can either use a floor wax or make a all natural floor polish at home. In a double boiler heat 2 cups of mineral oil and 1 tbsp beeswax. Once they are melted drizzle the mixture evenly over the floor.

    •Slide a new pad into the floor polisher. Slowly move the floor polisher from the back of the room to the front in gentle motions. The slow and gentle motion of the floor polisher over the polish will bring a glow and sparkle to the floor.

    If you are planning to invest in a good floor polisher look no further than Here we deal with only the top most brands such as Bissell, Bosch, Carpet, Dyson and so on. The floor polisher replacements such as pads, shower feed brush, roller brush are available with us. is a one stop for all your cleaning solutions.

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    1. Generic Shop Vac Canister Vacuum Cleaner Dust Brush

      Generic Shop Vac Canister Vacuum Cleaner Dust Brush

      Works with: Shop Vac 9252410, Shop Vac 8500110, Shop Vac 9520210, Shop Vac 9252810, Shop Vac 5850600, Shop Vac 5850600, Shop Vac 5850800, Shop Vac 5840427 Learn More
    2. Shop Vac, Backpack, Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Floor Brush 1 1/2" Wand Fitting
    3. SEBO  6392A1 Duo-P Large handbrush,

      SEBO 6392A1 Duo-P Large handbrush,

      Is your home fully or partially carpeted? Are you not happy with the current cleaning arrangements? Are you finding it difficult to remove the pet hair from your carpets, rugs and cushions? Are you spending sleepless nights thinking about dust mites, pet hair and other allergens? A solution to all the above problems is SEBO vacuum cleaners. Sebo vacuum cleaners are one of the finest pet vacuum cleaners available in the market today. A fantastic product on the anvil is the user-friendly and elegant SEBO 6392A1 Duo-P Large hand-brush. Sebo's large hand-brush is best for thoroughly cleaning the carpeted areas and the best for removing hard-to-remove stains on your upholstery and carpets. Unlike other cleaning gadgets it doesn’t cause any damage to your carpets/upholstery. It's reasonably priced and does away with the need of assistants. If you’re interested in purchasing this one of a kind product, then you can order it from enjoys the trust of thousands of customers because of its commitment to high quality and impeccable customer service. We stock only the best vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaning accessories. You will find us to be reasonable in terms of price and offer a profusion of choices Product features: •SEBO 6392A1 Duo-P Large Hand Brush •Designed to dry clean carpet and upholstery Learn More
    4. SEBO 1094HG Round Dusting Brush

      SEBO 1094HG Round Dusting Brush

      SEBO 1094HG Round Dusting Brush that can be used with any SEBO vacuum. Learn More
    5. SEBO 1325HG Wall and Floor Brush
    6. SEBO 1325HG Bare Floor Brush

      SEBO 1325HG Bare Floor Brush

      SEBO Floor Brush fits Automatic X and Essential G series uprights. It has 9.5" wide nozzle. Learn More
    7. SEBO 1329DG Dusting Brush (Standard with X/G/K/C-series and 370)

      SEBO 1329DG Dusting Brush (Standard with X/G/K/C-series and 370)

      SEBO 1329DG Dusting Brush (Standard with X/G/K/C-series and 370) Learn More
    8. SEBO 1496DG Radiator Brush

      SEBO 1496DG Radiator Brush

      The SEBO 1496DG Radiator Brush is designed to reach deep within the radiator mesh and help remove dust and dirt that prevents airflow. Learn More
    9. SEBO 6391AM Parquet Brush for Canisters

      SEBO 6391AM Parquet Brush for Canisters

      Dust is the quickest means to leave your floors looking dreary and dull. Apart from dulling their shine, it also leaves scratches on its surface. It’s best to vacuum dirtier floors than sweep them because sweeping only drags the dust across the floor while vacuuming picks them. Here is a parquet brush for your SEBO canister vacuums, a lightweight floor tool for effective cleaning. Its natural horse hair ensures that you don’t deal with unsightly scratches on your floor. This is an ideal brush for delicate floors, one which guarantees gentle action on parquet or delicate floors.

      Repair or replace that is the most common question on the minds of vacuum cleaner owners when they find that the vacuum cleaner they bought years ago no longer cleans efficiently. They also seek vacuum cleaner bags or accessories such as brushes, crevice tools, hoses, etc. At GoVacuum, we have listed vacuum cleaner parts and handy hints to help you find the best one for your vacuum cleaner and fix it yourself. Visit our blog and check our video reviews before you decide on a vacuum cleaning system for your home. We're here to help you find spare parts, accessories and everything else you need to keep your home clean and healthy.

      Product Features: • For Sebo Canisters like the D4 and K3 • Made of natural horse hair

      Learn More

    10. SEBO 6391DA Parquet Brush (for canisters,dark gray)

      SEBO 6391DA Parquet Brush (for canisters,dark gray)

      the SEBO 6391DA Parquet Brush fits a sebo canisters and is one of the best floor brushes on the market. Learn More

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