Floor Tools

    Scrubbing brush is one of the floor tool/accessories that come along with a vacuum cleaner. Depending on the bristles- soft or hard, they can be used to clean multitude areas. Here let’s see how to clean your carpet using a vacuum cleaner.

    How to clean a carpet using a vacuum cleaner

    •The first step is to vacuum the carpet as thoroughly as possible to pick up the dust and debris.

    •If there are stains on the carpet, make a solution of dishwashing soap and water in a bucket or you can use carpet shampoo.

    •Dip the scrubbing brush into the solution and shake out any excess water. Scrub the area of the carpet that is stained. Use the vacuum cleaner to suck out any excess water.

    However, there are several commercial and domestic steam vacuum cleaners that are used to clean thick carpeted areas. Here the steam is used to clean the carpet. These vacuum cleaners come with scrubbing brushes which have to be moved along the carpet to remove the stubborn stains.

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