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    Many of the contemporary vacuum cleaners come with a headlight. This helps the user to see dust and dirt while vacuuming the dark corners of a room. These head light bulbs can be replaced if they blink off. Some of the brands that have head lights in their vacuum models include Kirby, Dirt Devil, Fit all, Eureka, Hoover, Oreck and many more. These models are easily available in

    How to replace a headlight bulb in Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

    Disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the switch point. Gently lift the lid at the top of the vacuum cleaner head and you will see the lamp.

    Detach the bulb from the socket at the end of the power cable. Replace this with a new bulb.

    Ensure that the bulb is firmly inserted and the clip at the base is snapped back to its position. Now close the lid down.

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    1. Dirt Devil Light Bulb Part # 880629

      Dirt Devil Light Bulb Part # 880629

      Dirt Devil Light Bulb Part # 880629 Genuine Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner light bulb fits all Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners (except MVP Ultra and Soft Body models) Learn More

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