The dirt-sucking machine known as vacuum cleaner which is an essential part of our cleaning task does not come cheap. Therefore, it is important that you take good care of it by cleaning it frequently and also taking measures to ensure that the motor of the vacuum cleaner has a long life.

    How to increase the life span of your vacuum cleaner

    •After each use of the vacuum cleaner, remove the strings, lint and other debris from the brush. It’s a strain on the motor if the brush is unclean has a lot of debris tangled on it.

    •The dirt cup or bag should be emptied and dusted when it is half full. Else the dirt and debris can be pushed inside the machine.

    •Depending on the frequency of usage, change the belt of the vacuum cleaner. Replace it at least once in three months. Also ensure that you buy the belt from a reputed shop and it should be same as the brand of your vacuum.

    •Periodically check the filter. Clean them or replace them as recommended by the manufacturer.

    In case you have to replace the vacuum cleaner motor, the right place to purchase them in Here you can get the motors of all the top brands such as Eureka, Bissell, Dirt Devil and many more. This portal is the treasure trove that has solutions for all your cleaning needs.

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    1. Oreck  Buster B Hand Vacuum Cleaner Motor

      Oreck Buster B Hand Vacuum Cleaner Motor

      Works with: Oreck Buster B, Oreck BB280, Oreck BB850, Oreck BB850AA, Oreck BB870, Oreck BB900, Oreck BB1000 Learn More
    2. Oreck  Buster B Hand Vacuum Cleaner Motor Buster B Hand Vacuum Cleaner Motor

      Oreck Buster B Hand Vacuum Cleaner Motor Buster B Hand Vacuum Cleaner Motor

      Works With: Oreck Buster B Oreck BB280 Oreck BB850 Oreck BB850AA Oreck BB870 Oreck BB900 Oreck BB1000 Description:Genuine Oreck Motor, 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty Learn More
    3. Oreck Upright Vacuum Cleaner Motor 58-8500-07

      Oreck Upright Vacuum Cleaner Motor 58-8500-07

      Works with: Oreck Upright Vacuum Cleaner Main Motor. Ametek Lamb Motor # 119550-00 Works with: All Upright Models Except XL21, Works with: Oreck 100C, Oreck 9100C, Oreck 888, Oreck 888G, Oreck 5000, Oreck 5300, Oreck 8300G, Oreck 9200, Oreck 9400, Oreck 988, Oreck 988G, Oreck 9300, Oreck 9300G, Oreck 9200, Oreck 9300C, Oreck 9300G, Oreck 9800, Oreck 2000HH, Oreck 2000RH, Oreck 2000RS, Oreck 2100HH, Oreck 2100RH, Oreck 2200RS, Oreck 2300RS, Oreck 2400RS, Oreck 2500RH, Oreck 2600HH, Oreck 2700HH, Oreck 2800H2B, Oreck 2800H2W, Oreck 3600HH, Oreck 3600RH, Oreck 3610HH, Oreck 3800H2B, Oreck 3900H2B, Oreck 3910H2B, Oreck 4070H2L, Oreck 4080H2B, Oreck 4080H2R, Oreck 4080H2Y, Oreck 4090H2B, Oreck 4090H2G, Oreck 4090H2T, Oreck 4090H2P, Oreck 4120H2B, Oreck 4120H2P, Oreck 4120H2R, Oreck 4490HH Learn More

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