Power Nozzles

    Power nozzles are vacuum cleaner attachments that are used to clean the nooks of the room where the hose and wands cannot reach. It is also useful to remove the dirt and debris from upholstery and furniture. This is one the accessories that come along with all models and brands of vacuum cleaners. A few of the leading brands of vacuums include Eureka, Hoover, Rainbow, Bissell, Dirt Devil and many more.

    How to remove the power-nozzle in Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

    If you want to replace the belt of this brand of vacuum or clean the brush or store the vacuum, the power nozzle has to be removed. Let’s see how to take apart the power-nozzle.

    • Press down the tab where the wand is attached to the plastic suction pipe. Gently pull the metal pipe away from this handle.

    • Now press the tab to remove the power nozzle footplate and pull the wand free. So now you have three parts removed – the wand, suction pipe and wand.

    • Using a flat-head screwdriver, flip the footplate over so the base points up. Remove the plastic plate from the underside of the footplate and keep it aside.

    • Open the belt cover to gain access to the belt and brush. Lift the brush out of the footplate and unhook the belt from the brush and axle. Now you can clean the brush, replace the belt or simply store the power-nozzle.

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    1. Perfect Commercial Back Pack Power Nozzle Kit

      Perfect Commercial Back Pack Power Nozzle Kit


      Perfect backpack vacuums are the recommended choice for cleaning millions of square feet per day at retail stores and big companies over the world, well-known for their ability to handle touch cleaning tasks without any down time. Additional tools such as the hose, wands and power nozzle are great addons for any commercial backpack from this brand, and if you use the PB1001 (10qt.) and the PB1006 (6 qt.) models, here is a kit which offers just that. Commercial cleaning is important at it keeps your place of business presentable to customers and your employees as well. Aside from disposing trash in a responsible manner, you should keep dirt, germs and allergens at bay, and the usage of a nozzle kit for your Perfect commercial backpack will effectively “clean” your business set up.

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      Product Features: • Fits the PB1001 (10qt.) and the PB1006 (6 qt.) models • Includes electrical hose, wands, and power nozzle unit

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