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    Is your vacuum cleaner always breaking down?

    It’s important to regularly check, clean and even replace the vacuum rods and hoses so there are no air restrictions that bring down the suction and also overheat the motor. There are a wide range of variations like a total clean attachment vacuum hose to variable speed control vacuum hoses for canister vacuum cleaners. Leading brands such as Riccar, Hoover, Miele etc manufacture a range of vacuum cleaner hoses and you can choose one according to the model number you own.

    At GoVacuum.com, we believe that it’s a good idea to restore your vacuum cleaning system rather than replace it, especially if the reason is a faulty hose. Since vacuum hoses are made for specific makes and models, we recommend you find a new hose that is the exact size and fit for your vacuum cleaner. Replacement vacuum hoses also offer additional features or length beyond the capabilities of the standard hose. For instance with a generic Electrolux hose, you can use the on/off switch to control suction without turning the entire vacuum off. Its compatibility with a stunning number of makes and models makes the Sanitaire Canister Extension Vacuum Hose an ideal replacement hose for your Sanitaire cleaning system. Similarly, there are a number of vacuum hoses which deliver high quality suction performance and help you reach tough-to-reach spots. 

    The flexible plastic hose in your vacuum cleaning system is most likely part of the system to break or experience damage due to extensive usage. If you are looking for vacuum cleaner replacement hoses, you have come to the right place. When it comes to the choice of vacuum cleaner replacement parts and accessories, there are a number of points to bear in mind including the model and make of your cleaning system. At GoVacuum, we provide you Product Diagrams for all the popular brands which will be helpful in understanding the parts and the way they function. You can choose vacuum replacement hoses for leading vacuum cleaner brands.

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    1. Vapamore Gun With Hose ??? Replacement for Model MR-100

      Vapamore Gun With Hose ??? Replacement for Model MR-100

      The hard to remove stains and grime can be an embarrassment when you invite your friends for dinner or any get-together. If you have a dog or cat their hair is likely to be all over the place. Carpets and upholstered furniture would be most affected areas along with the nooks and corners of your home. To get rid of the stubborn dirt and pet hairs from these areas what you need is a good quality powerful steam vacuum cleaner. The hot steam will kill all the germs including the bed bugs, its eggs, dust mites and other harmful allergens. Vapamore steam vacuum cleaners are light weight and portable. Hence they are easy to lug around and store when not in use. It comes along with many accessories which help reach all nooks and corners. Now you don’t have to strain yourself to clean inaccessible areas. Vapamore Steam Gun with Hose is an accessory which is designed to reach difficult or impossible to reach areas in homes and offices. The design is unique and specifically tailor made to reach what most of the conventional vacuum cleaner gun cannot. This accessory is available at Govacuum.com, which is a one stop portal for all your cleaning needs. Here you will find a wide range of cleaning products at reasonable prices. Product Features •Vapamore Steam Gun with Hose •Replacement Steam Gun with Hose for the Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner Learn More
    2. Ladybug Steam Cleaner Replacement Hose for LadyBug & Ladybug XL

      Ladybug Steam Cleaner Replacement Hose for LadyBug & Ladybug XL

      This is a genuine replacement hose for the Ladybug and Ladybug XL Steamers. Learn More

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