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    Robot Add-Ons Aqua-Fiber Microfiber Hard Floor Cleaning Kit for Roomba
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    Spend more time enjoying your pool rather than cleaning it. Get the Hands-free way to clean your entire pool from floor to waterline in 3 hours with a push of a button. Stury PVA roller brushes scrub and clean all pool surfaces including gunite, vinyl, fiberglass and tile while the powerful vacuum and self-contained filtration system picks up and traps leaves, hair, sand, dust, algae and debris as small as 2 microns reducing run time of your pool filtration system. Circulates pool water; improving distribution of chemicals and temperature. Auto reverse feature allows the Verro 500 to navigate your entire pool while avoiding hang ups. Just drop in and let it go to work! Package includes: 1 iRobot Verro 500 Pool Cleaning Robot, 60' floating power cord with swivel detangler, Transformer, Fine Filter Bag (Catches algae, bacteria, dust and debris as small as 2 microns).
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